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Hutton Honors College

 — Indiana University

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Hutton Honors College
811 E. Seventh Street, Bloomington, IN 47405.
Telephone: (812) 855-3555; Fax number: (812) 855-5416.
Office Hours: M-F 8 a.m.- Noon, 1 p.m.- 5 p.m.

NameTitleConcerningE-mail (add "")Phone
Andrea Ciccarelli Dean Dean of the Hutton Honors College aciccare 855-3550
Reinaldo Correa Office Services Assistant administers calls to appropriate staff/faculty members, coordinates advising appts, website editor, reception duties rcorreae 855-3555
Becky Steele Director, Administration office management, budget matters, Honors Notation information rsteele 855-3556
Elaine Hehner Administrative Assistant provides administrative support to dean, assistant dean, faculty and HHC students ehehner 855-3550
Lynn Cochran Assistant Dean chairs the HHC freshman scholarship committee, advises Honors Student Association, supervises Honors Residential Community lcochran 855-3550
Bryce Campbell Scholarship Coordinator facilitates scholarship payments and scholarship renewal information for current IU HHC students bgfichte 855-5275
Laura Felicetti Director, Recruitment, Outreach & Admissions admissions and scholarship information for prospective and incoming IU HHC students and alumni outreach lfelicet 855-3570
Charlene Brown Director, Extracurricular Programming HHC extracurricular programming chajbrow 855-9493
Becca Creath Program Services Assistant, Extracurricular Programming HHC extracurricular programming bcreath 855-5296
Nick Miller Academic Advisor advising nicrmill 855-3555
Khalfan Mohamed Academic Advisor advising khmohamm 855-3555
Malia Jackson Academic Advisor advising malijack 855-3555
Edward Gubar Lecturer, Director, Publications & Undergraduate Grant Program teaches HHC courses, directs HHC Undergraduate Grant Program and chairs committee that decides awards; also manages HHC Web site gubare 855-2827
Jeff Heerdink Manager, Hutton International Experiences Program HIEP jfheerdi 856-1016
Legene White Director, Cox Research Scholars Program directs Cox Research Scholars Program whitell 856-1589
Robin M. Walker Program Assistant, Cox Research Scholars Program assists administration of Cox Research Scholars Program walkerrm 855-5400
Paul Fogleman Associate Director in the Undergraduate Scholars Office for Competitive Awards, Research and Engagement campus representative for undergraduates applying for nationally competitive awards pfoglema 855-3555