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Hutton Honors College

 — Indiana University

BUS-F 304: Honors Financial Management
Professor Eitan Goldman*
Section 1228 MW 8:45-10:00am HH 1050
Section 1229 MW 1:05-2:20pm HH 1050
Section 5221 MW 2:35-3:50pm HH 1050

C: F304, I304, M304, and P304; students are administratively enrolled. Part of Honors I-Core.

OPEN ONLY to Admitted Business Honors Students

Honors I-Core Objectives:

The Honors I-Core is designed to provide students with an understanding of the integrative nature of business problems, as well as, an appreciation for the perspective that each integrated area provides for solving these problems. A key objective, then, is to help students recognize business problems and gather, organize, and process the appropriate information to solve them as a team.

The five disciplines in the Honors I-Core complement each other, as they do in the business world. Finance focuses on how to value investments in terms of their risk and return, and how to finance them. Marketing focuses on assessing and meeting customers` expectations. Operations focuses on developing and managing the set of activities to produce the goods or services necessary to meet customers` expectations. Strategy focuses on the key decisions that shape the strategic development of a corporation. Professional development focuses on leadership and teamwork and developing the personal skills for life-long business success and career management.

In addition to understanding these integrative aspects, students should leave the Honors I-Core with a broad, fundamental understanding of each discipline and an increased awareness of themselves. They should have a basic knowledge of, and an appreciation for each integrated area, so that they have the basic skills to manage effectively in most beginning positions in any multinational firm.

Students in the Honors I-Core work in teams where they must learn new skills related to leadership, high performing teams, business presentations and communications. Working with their teams, students build critical thinking skills through the development of a new business plan that they must present as a team to a panel of actual business managers. The objectives of the Honors I-Core fully support the Undergraduate Program Learning Goals as articulated in the APPENDIX of this syllabus.

Finance Component:

The finance component is designed to give students a working knowledge of the analytical techniques used in investments and corporate finance. The readings, lectures and discussions will stress the conceptual foundations of modern finance and how to apply analytical tools to solve multi-step financial problems. The finance component of this course would have served its purpose if every student can understand how to analyze the risk-return trade-off present in all projects, and how to finance these projects.

Section 4371
Section 4371