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Hutton Honors College

 — Indiana University

BUS-J 304: Honors Strategic Management
Professor Rene Bakker*
Section 1266 TuTh 8:45-10:00am HH 1050
Section 1267 TuTh 1:05-2:20pm HH 1050
Section 5222 TuTh 2:35-3:50pm HH 1050


Strategic Management revolves around the fundamental question: Why are some companies successful while others fail? Although we can probably all think of a number of companies that are doing tremendously well, and we can also probably come up with a list of spectacular corporate failures, this is not an easy question to answer. It requires that we understand how firms initially gain, and then later sustain, a competitive advantage. There are a number of powerful analytical tools available to general managers/executives that enable developing such an understanding. They allow assessing a firm's competitive performance with respect to competition, environments, evolution, and finance from a number of different angles, and they can form an efficient and evidence-based basis to firm strategy.

In this course you learn to understand and apply a set of practical strategic management tools that executives use for analyzing businesses and their strategies. The goal of this course, therefore, is to provide you with a strategy toolbox that will benefit you in your future job.

Successful completion of this course will enable you to:

  • Employ a set of practical analytical tools (e.g., SWOT, Scenario, Driving Forces, Value Chain, Stakeholder Analysis, etc.) in order to understand current and future business situations as well as potential strategic opportunities [Kelley Goal #1, #2, #5];

  • Identify and clearly articulate the internal and external factors that lead to a firm's strategic choices [Kelley Goal #3, #4, #7];

  • Apply critical thinking and come up with novel solutions to complex problems [Kelley Goal #3];

  • Learn to collaborate with others, function effectively in a team [Kelley Goal #4, #6];

  • Formulate strategies while dealing with uncertainty and ambiguity [Kelley Goal #1, #3].

  • We will achieve these objectives through a combination of applying strategic management theory, discussing real cases, testing our knowledge and skills, and undertaking integrative hands-on exercises.

    Section 4371
    Section 4371