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Hutton Honors College

 — Indiana University

SPEA-S 373: Honors - Human Resource Management in Public Sector
Professor Daniel Grundmann*
Section 10571 TuTh 11:15am-12:30pm PV 276

Meets with SPEA-V 373


The purpose of this class is to provide students with an understanding of fundamental critical issues, concepts, and functions of human resources for the public sector, though directly and wholly relevant to not-for-profit and private sectors as well. The intent, in part, is to improve chances of success in the workplace through understanding of the business practice and regulatory factors that influence and direct the personnel actions of employers.

Upon course completion, students are able to explain a broad spectrum of core Human Resource Management (HRM) principles with public sector emphasis, implement and apply many of those principles, evaluate the practical and legal implications of HRM practices, and differentiate the career relevance for employees, managers, and HR practitioners.

In order to better understand conflict and controversy surrounding topics in HRM, all students focus on an issue with conflicting perspectives. Students present an argument with the intent of providing background for the issues and making a case for a stated position. Honors students will work together in teams for this process researching one of several pre-determined topics, interviewing practitioners in the HR field, writing a series of three short papers, and presenting their findings to the class.

Section 4371
Section 4371