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Hutton Honors College

 — Indiana University

PLEASE NOTE: These guidelines apply to students who entered the Hutton Honors College Fall 2005 and after.

Many IU schools and departments offer honors programs of their own for their undergraduate majors, and many Hutton Honors College students choose to pursue these programs. Our students may also, if they choose, earn a General Honors Notation from the Hutton Honors College. This notation signifies outstanding performance in a broad, liberal arts curriculum and will appear on the official transcript and on the diploma. To earn this notation, students must successfully complete the following general honors program:

  1. Each student must complete a curriculum consisting of a minimum of 21 graded credit hours of honors courses.

  2. These 21 hours must include at least two, 3-credit HON-H courses offered by the Hutton Honors College itself - examples of these courses include HON-H 211, HON-H 212, HON-H 233, HON-H 241, and HON-H 303. Only 3 credits of HON-H 211 and only 3 credits of HON-H 212 may count toward the General Honors Notation; students may not count multiple offerings of HON-H 211 or of HON-H 212 toward the General Honors Notation.

    An important note regarding variable-credit HON-H 299 tutorials, 1-credit HON-H discussion sections, and the GHN: There are two kinds of HON-H 299 credit-bearing entities: the HON-H 299 tutorial and the HON-H 299 discussion section. The HON-H 299 tutorial, which is an independent-study, variable-credit course arranged between a student and an instructor, will count for the GHN only with approval from the Dean of the Hutton Honors College. This approval must be obtained by the student prior to the semester in which the tutorial will be undertaken. Please note that if a tutorial is approved to count for the GHN, it will NOT count as one of the two required, 3-credit HON-H courses. The 1-credit HON-H discussion sections, including HON-H 299, that are paired with 3-credit departmental courses will result in a total of 3 credit hours toward the notation. However, because these discussion sections are only one credit hour, they do *NOT* count as one of the two required, 3-credit HON-H courses for the GHN. Examples of these pairings include HON-H 299/POLS-Y 200 and HON-H 300/GNDR-G 310.

  3. With the exception of honors readings/research courses and honors thesis courses, for honors courses that carry more than 3 credit hours, students may count the entire number of credit hours per course, up to a maximum of two courses, toward fulfillment of the GHN requirements. Additional honors courses that carry more than 3 credit hours may be used toward the GHN requirements, as well; however, only 3 credit hours per additional course will be counted. Please note that 1-credit HON-H discussion sections that are paired with 3-credit departmental courses (referred to in the previous paragraph) may NOT be counted for 4 credits toward the GHN; they may be counted for a total of 3 credits.

    For students taking honors readings/research courses and honors thesis courses, only 3 credit hours total may count toward the notation. Students may not count more than two courses from any one department toward the notation. (EXCEPTIONS: Students who complete a departmental honors thesis course -- i.e., a course that has an honors thesis as a degree or departmental honors requirement -- may count this course toward their notation AND count a maximum of two additional departmental honors courses from the thesis granting department; however, the two additional departmental honors courses may not include readings/research courses. ALSO, THERE IS NO UPPER LIMIT ON HON-H courses (honors courses offered by the Hutton Honors College itself) THAT MAY BE COUNTED TOWARD THE NOTATION.

    Note: Students may take up to 15 hours of approved honors courses in the College of Arts & Sciences and/or in the professional schools (e.g., Kelley School of Business, School of Public & Environmental Affairs), as long as there are NO MORE THAN 2 courses in any one department. Students are strongly encouraged to take a breadth of Honors courses, across a number of departments, to fulfill the General Honors Notation requirements.

  4. Students may receive notation credit for foreign study: 6 credits for one academic year abroad, 3 credits for one semester, and 1 credit for summer study (4-week minimum). When a course taken abroad is officially listed as an honors course by the host institution, the HHC will consider the course for honors credit by petition.

  5. Students must maintain a minimum grade point average of 3.40 in their notation courses, with no course grade lower than a C. Courses taken satisfactory/fail (S/F) cannot be counted toward the notation. Students must also have a minimum overall grade point average of 3.40 at graduation.
  6. Prior to your graduation date, please submit an application to the Hutton Honors College, attesting to the completion of the notation requirements. Please *click here* to download the application as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file.