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Hutton Honors College

 — Indiana University

We provide individual academic advising for all students in our program. Advisers keep regular office hours throughout the school year. During summer orientation, Hutton Honors College faculty and staff serve as advisers. Normally, your academic adviser will be a Hutton Honors College staff member with a broad knowledge of university programs.

The advising process begins during the orientation and registration period, when you meet with a Hutton Honors College adviser or faculty member. At this meeting, we review your academic background and interests, your eligibility for advanced credit, your appropriate course placement, and any requirements for majors that you may be considering. If you plan to explore different disciplines during your first year at IU, your adviser will help you select general education courses that will count toward more than one area while you are deciding on your field of study.

After registration for your first semester, you will be assigned to a specific academic adviser for your freshman year. Your adviser will respond to questions or concerns about your current course work, guide you in your planning for the next semester's registration, refer you to career planning services, and assist you with academic matters. As they get to know students in small-class settings, the Hutton Honors College faculty will also advise students, but on a more informal basis.

During your second semester at IU, your Hutton Honors College adviser will help you plan your program for your first semester as a sophomore. You will have an adviser in the Hutton Honors College until your sophomore year or until you declare a major. You may also confer with other departmental or school advisers in your area(s) of interest at any time. When you declare a major, your records will be transferred to your major department or school.

Even after you have declared a major and have been accepted into a degree program, the Hutton Honors College and its faculty will be available for assistance with course selection or other academic counseling. Our advisers are well informed about university programs and the many resources you can draw on to help you make your undergraduate experiences productive.

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