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Hutton Honors College

 — Indiana University

Many IU schools and departments offer honors programs of their own for their undergraduate majors, and many Hutton Honors College students choose to pursue these programs. Our students may also, if they choose, earn a General Honors Notation from the Hutton Honors College. This notation signifies outstanding performance in a broad, liberal arts curriculum and will appear on the official transcript and on the diploma. To earn this notation, students must successfully complete the following general honors program:

  1. Each student must complete a curriculum consisting of a minimum of 18 graded credit hours of honors courses, at least 12 hours of which must be selected from a list of approved courses provided each semester by the Hutton Honors College1. Students may fulfill the remaining credit hours by taking additional courses from the list of approved courses, by completing non-honors coursework in areas of study other than those of Modern Western Europe2, or by completing additional honors work in a departmental major. Students may also receive credit for foreign study.3

  2. These 18 hours must include at least one semester of Ideas & Experience H211 or H212 or another Hutton Honors College "H" course at the 200-level or above. (Note: The H299 Tutorial will count as approved Honors credit only with the prior approval of the Dean of the Hutton Honors College. H299 discussion credit(s) do not fulfill the "H" course requirement.)

  3. Students may not receive notation credit for laboratory hours or from departmental reading and thesis courses. With the exception of Hutton Honors College "H" designated courses, students may not count more than two courses from any one COAS department or school toward the general notation. Only one five-credit course may be counted toward the requirement of eighteen credits.

  4. Effective immediately: the practice of treating schools other than the College of Arts & Sciences (COLL) as one department will be modified. Instead, each department within each school will be considered as a separate department. For example, students in the Kelley School of Business (BUS) or the School of Public & Environmental Affairs (SPEA) may take up to 15 hours of approved honors courses in BUS or SPEA, as long as there are NO MORE THAN 6 credit hours in any one department. Students are strongly encouraged to take a breadth of Honors courses, across a number of departments, to fulfill the General Honors Notation.

  5. Students must maintain a minimum of a 3.30 grade point average in their notation courses, and a minimum overall grade point average of 3.30 at graduation.

Prior to your graduation date, please submit an application to the Hutton Honors College, attesting to the completion of the notation requirements. Please *click here* to download the application as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file.

1 For each thirty (30) hours of documented community service, students will receive one 1 "credit equivalent" toward the 18 credits required for receipt of the General Honors Notation up to a maximum of 3 credits. For additional information on this option, please consult the HHC Community Service Program Page.

2Students may fulfill 3 of these 18 credits by completing 2 semesters of non-honors class work in the study of a culture other than those of Modern West Europe. Courses may be selected from the following areas of study:

	Ancient Greece and Rome		      	 Latin American Cultures
	Sub-Saharan African Cultures	         Islamic Culture
	Indian Cultures of the Americas          Central Eurasian Cultures
	Russian and East European Cultures       East Asian Cultures

Such courses might be in literature, political science, archaeology, history, sociology, anthropology and art history. As an alternative to the above, a student may fulfill 3 credits of this requirement by completing 4 semesters of a language other than Eastern European or Western European languages.

3Students may fulfill 3 credits by completing 1 academic year of study (students who attend a full schedule of classes in a foreign language other than English in a foreign university receive 1 additional credit, for a total of 4 credits), 2 credits for 1 semester, 1 credit for summer (minimum of 4 weeks).