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Hutton Honors College

 — Indiana University

Q: What are the criteria for renewal of my HHC scholarship?

A: Renewal criteria include:

  • being a full-time student in the Hutton Honors College
  • maintaining a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.40
  • successfully completing the minimum number of approved honors courses stated in your award letter
  • attending at least one approved cultural and/or educational activity each year you hold your scholarship
Q: What is an approved honors course?

A: An approved honors course is any course listed in the first half of our publication, "Courses and Seminars", published each semester (exception: the Honors Tutorial, H299, normally does NOT count for scholarship renewal). Courses in the second half are recommended courses, and do NOT fulfill the scholarship requirement. We also count upper-level departmental honors courses, which may or may not be listed in "Courses and Seminars".

Q: What are examples of approved cultural and/or educational activities?

A: Examples include any small-group program sponsored by the Hutton Honors College (the programs that require sign-up in advance); any opera, recital or concert at the MAC; any IU Theatre or T300 production; and any public lecture that is not a required part of a class, and that has an intellectual and/or cultural content. Study abroad also fulfills the activity requirement.

For further questions on what activities will count, please call 855-5275.

Q: What forms do I have to fill out in order to renew my HHC scholarship?

A: In February of each year, the HHC will send you an information sheet for scholarship renewal (seniors will not receive this form). Please fill this out and return it to the HHC by April 1.

We do not require any need-based aid forms, such as the FAFSA; HOWEVER, if you are applying for any need-based aid at all, including matching grants, you must fill out all relevant forms. Please contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance (855-0321) for questions about need-based aid.

Q: Will I receive notification from the HHC telling me that my scholarship has been renewed for the next academic year?

A: No. We will contact you only if there is a problem with your scholarship. However, you will receive a Financial Aid Notification (FAN) from the Office of Student Financial Assistance, and your HHC scholarship will be listed, if it has been renewed.

Q: If I lose my scholarship, can I ever get it back?

A: Yes. Once you have fulfilled all renewal requirements, your scholarship can be reinstated. For example, if you lose your scholarship because your GPA falls below 3.40, your scholarship can be reinstated as soon as your GPA is at least a 3.40. If you would like your scholarship reinstated, please call 855-5275 to request a reinstatement form.

Q: Is the IU Faculty Award the same as an HHC scholarship?

A: No. The IU Faculty Award is administered by a different office. For questions about renewal of that award, please contact Office of Student Financial Assistance at 855-0321.

Q: If I have other questions about my HHC scholarship, whom do I contact?

A: You can contact Becky Steele by phone, at 855-5275, or by e-mail, at