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The Big List of Funding Opportunities

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First-year Students

HHC Scholarships

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IU Office of Scholarships

Financial Aid

IU Bloomington students receive more than $225 million per year in scholarships, loans, grants, and work-study pay. If you are an entering student with demonstrated financial need, IU will do its best to help you finance your education.

To learn more about IU financial aid, contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance (OSFA) via e-mail at or visit OFSA's Web site at OSFA does not award scholarships, but it does administer loans, work-study funds, and many grants, and it can give you tips on applying for non-IU scholarships.

Students Already on Campus

HHC Grants and Scholarships

Nationally-competitive Awards Administered by IU Offices for Undergraduates and for Students Intending to Pursue Graduate Study

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Undergraduates Planning on Graduate Study

Top 15 Scholarships and Fellowships

Other Scholarships and Fellowships

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Funding Options for Travel Abroad

Both finding an ideal program and obtaining necessary funding can be very challenging when seeking an overseas experience. However, in many cases, the cost of a program may not be as far out of your reach as you think. You may be interested in looking into other study abroad and international education Web sites. A few of these are listed below.

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