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Hutton Honors College

 — Indiana University


If you qualify for an automatic invitation to join our program you will also be eligible to apply for the Hutton Honors College Scholarship, if your completed IUB application is submitted by November 1. Only incoming freshmen are eligible for this award.

You can learn about your eligibility for the Hutton Honors College as well as the Selective Scholarship Application (SSA) (the means of applying for the HHC Scholarship as well as other programs and scholarships) in an Office of Admissions email sent to you as soon as that office has made an admissions decision.

Once you have followed the email's directions on how to set up your One.IU account and access to the SSA, you will see which programs and scholarships you are eligible to apply for (including the Hutton Honors College). If you have any questions while filling out the SSA, please email for assistance.

If invited to apply for an HHC scholarship through the Selective Scholarship Application (SSA), students should submit their complete SSA (including letters of recommendation) as early as possible. Early submission of the SSA (including letters of recommendation) will result in priority scholarship consideration from the Hutton Honors College.

A committee of Honors College faculty carefully reads each application. We are particularly interested in the quality of your high school program, the courses you have taken, the quality of your writing, and the nature of your extracurricular activities.

Scholarship notification letters will be mailed to all applicants by March 15th.

If you receive a Hutton Honors College Scholarship, you can renew it for three years beyond your freshman year, as long as you satisfy all of these criteria:

  • remain enrolled as an undergraduate student at IU Bloomington
  • take at least 12 credit hours of courses each semester
  • maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.40
  • attend at least one approved educational/cultural activity each year
  • successfully complete at least three approved Hutton Honors College or departmental honors courses during your first four semesters on campus

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