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2009-2010 Extracurricular Programming Theme

Open Minds, Open Doors

Open Minds, Open Doors

Fall 2009 Extracurricular Programs

Click here for the membership of the 2009-10 HHC Extracurricular Programs Planning Committee.

*New programs will be added as arrangements are confirmed*

Special-price Tickets to Opening-night Opera Performances at the MAC
Sept. 2: HHC Extracurricular Programs Volunteer Call-out Meeting!
Sept. 5: HHC Afternoon at the Theatre: Cardinal Stage Co.'s Inherit the Wind
With a Special Post-performance Talkback with the Cast and IU Faculty Members!
Sept. 15: Debating Real-world Ethical Issues
Sept. 16: Reassessing the Role of Race in American Politics:
Discussion Lunch with Political Scientists Paul Sniderman of Stanford University and Edward Carmines of IU
Sept. 17: Your Passport to Haiti: HHC Mixer @ IU Art Museum Coffeehouse Night
Sept. 23: Excusing Crime: Justice, Mercy, Responsibility
Discussion Lunch with Oxford University Criminal Law Scholar Jeremy Horder
Sept. 24: Connecting Across Cultures/Alleviating Poverty:
Informal Discussion Supper with Jessica Jackley, Co-founder of
Sept. 26: Music+Politics=Mexican Band Los de Abajo: An Informal Discussion Lunch
Oct. 6: The History of Everything: From the Big Bang to the World Wide Web
A Fireside Discussion with Anthropologists Kathy Schick and Nick Toth of the Stone Age Institute
Oct. 7: Darwin for the Day: Special Performance of the Darwin Song Project
Oct. 9: Discussion Supper with Wendy Chamberlin,
Former U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan and Laos and Current President of the Middle East Institute
Oct. 10: Bloomington Multicultural Expo
Oct. 10: HHC at the Fall Ballet: Diaghilev Tribute
Oct 14: The Problem of the Evolution of Sex:
Faculty Discussion Supper with Evolutionary Biologist Michael Wade
Oct. 20: Genocide in Context: Discussion Supper with Modern Historian Donald Bloxham
Oct. 22: Evolution and Faith: Discussion Lunch with Evolutionary Theologist John Haught
Oct. 26: Fireside Chat with David Hatch, Historian for the National Security Agency
Oct. 30: The Dangers of Eating—and How We Protect Ourselves Against Them
Discussion Lunch with Darwinian Gastronomists Paul Sherman and Janet Shellman Sherman
Oct. 30: HHC—in Costume—at the Opera: Gonoud's Roméo et Juliette
Oct. 31: Are We Toast? A Decision-making Workshop on Energy Policy and Climate Change
Nov. 2: Governing America's Cities: Experiences in Public Leadership
Discussion Lunch with Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson
Nov. 5: Inside the Minds of Other Species:
Discussion Lunch with Primatologists Dorothy Cheney and Robert Seyfarth
on the Evolution of Intelligence and Language
Nov. 5: Dinner with Playwright Peter Sinn Nachtrieb
Nov. 5: Cardinal Stage Co. Performance of boom
Nov. 10: Environmental Impoverishment and the World's Economies: A Fireside Pizza Supper with
Environmentalist and Attorney Bruce Rich, Author of Mortgaging the Earth, a Critique of World Bank
Nov. 11: What Is Written in the Stars?
Discussion Lunch with Folklorist and Anthropologist George Lankford
Nov. 11: The Story Behind the New Production of Mozart's The Magic Flute:
with Master Scenic Designer C. David Higgins and a Dress Rehearsal
Nov. 12: Right to Rock: Supper with Rock Musician Kamara Thomas and Rock Music Critic Kandia Crazy Horse
Nov. 18: Making Tough Decisions: A Fireside Chat About Public Leadership
with Gen. Peter Pace, Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
Nov. 19: Psychology, Morality, and the Things You Choose to Eat:
Discussion Lunch with Psychologist Paul Rozin
Nov. 30: Behind Bars: Education and Rehabilitation in the American Penal System
A Discussion Supper with Micol Seigel, Judah Schept, and Michael Lewis
Dec. 4: Making the Decision in a Tough Case: Judicial Independence in a Democracy
Discussion Supper with U.S. District Court Judge John E. Jones III

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