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Hutton Honors College

 — Indiana University

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2008-2009 Extracurricular Programming Theme

Choices & Decisions

Spring 2009 Extracurricular Programs

Click here for the membership of the 2008-09 HHC Extracurricular Programs Planning Committee.

*New programs will be added as arrangements are confirmed*

Jan. 12: New Building Open House
Jan. 20: Live Coverage of the Presidential Inauguration at the HHC
Jan. 22: Identities: Literature, Language, and Race: Discussion Supper with Werner Sollors
Feb. 2: From Darfur to Zimbabwe: Human Rights & International Security
Discussion Supper with Sabelo Gumedze
Feb. 4: Behind-the-scenes, Onstage, and Backstage Tour of the Musical Arts Center: Massenet's Cendrillon
Feb. 8-12: Happy Birthday, Abe! A Bicentennial Celebration of Lincoln's Birthday
Feb. 18: Liz Lerman Dance Exchange Programs at the HHC
Feb. 24: European (In)Security: Discussion Supper with British International Security Expert John Gearson
Feb. 26: HHC at the IU Auditorium: The Liz Lerman Dance Exchange's Ferocious Beauty: Genome
March 2: HHC at the IU Auditorium: Ladysmith Black Mambazo
March 3: The View from the Pentagon: Making U.S. Defense Policy
Discussion Lunch with Former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Defense and CIA Official Mary Beth Long
March 4: Choosing a Mate: What Do You—and Others—Really Want?
March 24: Gangs, Cartels, and Inequality in Latin America
Discussion Supper with South American Political Scientist Andre de Mello e Souza
March 28: HHC at the Spring Ballet: Variations on a Russian Theme: Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake and a World Premiere
March 30: IU Traditions: A Fireside Chat with University Chancellor Kenneth R. R. Gros Louis
April 1: A Performance of The Rap Canterbury Tales by Canadian Rap Artist and Chaucer Scholar Baba Brinkman
April 8: Celebration of Edward L. Hutton and the New Home of the Hutton Honors College
April 13: Oil, International Security, and Environmental Sustainability
Discussion Supper with Ahmad Shikara of the United Arab Emirates
April 14: Designing a Green Campus: Discussion Supper with IUB's New Director of Sustainability Bill Brown
April 17: Bioethics for Babies: The Decisions Others Make for Them
Discussion Lunch with Biomedical Ethicist Margaret Mohrmann
April 18: Broadway at the MAC: The Most Happy Fella
Featuring a Pre-performance Talk by Grammy-winning Soprano Sylvia McNair
April 21: The Big Bang, Black Holes, and . . . Discussion Supper with John Mather, Nobel Laureate in Physics
April 25: When Swing Was King: The Big Band Extravaganza!
Featuring a Pre-performance Talk by Living Jazz Legend David Baker

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