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2009-2010 Extracurricular Programming Theme

Open Minds, Open Doors

Open Minds, Open Doors

Spring 2010 Extracurricular Programs

Click here for the membership of the 2009-10 HHC Extracurricular Programs Planning Committee.

*New programs will be added as arrangements are confirmed*

Special-price Tickets to Opening-night Opera Performances at the MAC
Jan. 12: Fireside Chat: A Lawyer's Experience with the Politics of Healthcare Reform
An Informal Q&A with IU Alumna Libby Baney
Jan. 24: Where Does Our Food Come From—and Why Does It Matter?
A Discussion Brunch with Ethnobotanist Gary Nabhan and Farmer Joel Salatin (of The Omnivore's Dilemma fame),
Featuring Locally Grown and Produced Foods
Jan. 25: Politics, Strategy, and Security in the Middle East: A Fireside Chat with Israeli Scholar Efraim Inbar
Jan. 29 & 30: Healthcare Reform: A Decision-making Workshop
Feb. 1: Exporting Democracy: Miltary Intervention vs. Free Trade vs. ???
Discussion Lunch with Political Economist Christopher Coyne,
Author of After War: The Political Economy of Exporting Democracy
Feb. 5: Check Your Label: Where Are You Wearing?: Discussion Breakfast with Kelsey Timmerman,
Author of Where Am I Wearing?: A Global Tour to the Countries, Factories and People That Make Our Clothes
Feb. 11: Life on Mars, Death on Earth: Discussion Supper with Andrew Knoll,
Harvard Paleontologist and Member of Mars Exploration Rover Science Team
Feb. 19: The Impact of Kinsey Beyond Sex Research: Talk and Kinsey Tour
With Jennifer Bass, Kinsey Institute Director of Communications, and
James Capshew, Associate Professor of History and Philosophy of Science
Feb. 22: Count Me If You Can: College Students, College "Towns," and the 2010 Census
Feb. 24: 2010 Black Knowledge Bowl
Feb. 25: HHC at the IU Auditorium: Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company
Feb. 26: The Literary (in Theory): the Roles of the Writer, Reader, and Critic
Discussion Lunch with Cornell Scholar Jonathan Culler
March 5: Toward a Global Environmental Policy: What's Next After Copenhagen?
Discussion Breakfast with Environmental Policy Specialist Pamela Chasek
March 5: Tackling World Poverty with One Laptop Per Child:
Discussion Lunch with Paul Commons of One Laptop Per Child
March 10: Diversity over Drinks
March 25: Women and Islam: A Late-evening Discussion Supper
with Asma Afsaruddin of the IU Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures
and Dana Cloud of the University of Texas at Austin Department of Communication Studies
March 26: What Should We Be Concerned About? A Discussion Lunch on International Issues and Diplomacy
with Sir Ivor Roberts, Former British Ambassador to Ireland, Italy, San Marino, and Yugoslavia
and Current President of Trinity College, Oxford University
March 26: HHC at the Spring Ballet: An American Evening
With Choreography by George Balanchine and Agnes de Mille
April 1: Living Pictures and the War of Images: Discussion Supper with
Visual Cultural and Iconology Scholar W. J. T. Mitchell of the University of Chicago
April 8: The Best of Friends, the Closest of Allies:
A British Perspective on International Security and American Foreign Policy
Discussion Supper with Lord John Roper of the British House of Lords
April 9: HHC at the "Opera": West Side Story
With a Special Pre-performance Talk by World-famous Soprano Sylvia McNair
April 12: Teaching Robots Right from Wrong: Lab Walk & Talk
with IU Robotics Scientists Matthias Scheutz and Colin Allen
April 15: A Fireside Conversation with British Ambassador to the United States Sir Nigel Sheinwald
April 16: Asian Undocumented Students, the Neglected Dreamers
(a part of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month)
April 21: On Making Medical Decisions:
Discussion Lunch with Mark Mercurio, Yale Pediatrics Professor and Practitioner
April 27: HHC at the IU Auditorium: Avenue Q

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