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2010-2011 Extracurricular Programming Theme

Making the World a Better Place

Making the World
a Better Place

Spring 2011 Extracurricular Programs

Click here for the membership of the 2010-11 HHC Extracurricular Programs Planning Committee.

* New programs will be added as arrangements are confirmed *

Special-price Tickets to Opening-night Opera Performances at the MAC
Jan. 25, 2011: Late Lunch with Members of the CLEVELAND ORCHESTRA
On Keeping Music (A)Live
Jan. 26, 2011: A Fireside Conversation
On Free Speech, Fair Speech, Gun Rights, and the Constitution
Jan. 27, 2011: Undergraduate Discussion Supper
with Political Philosopher Nancy Fraser
Jan. 29, 2011: Workshop on Protecting Your Financial Security
In an Unstable World
Feb. 1, 2011: Pre-performance Q&A with the "off" Blue Man
and a musician from the Blue Man Group
Feb. 4 & 5, 2011: Conflict, Violence, and Reconciliation
An Undergraduate Workshop on Restorative Justice
Feb. 8, 2011: An HHC Evening at the IU Auditorium
for the national touring company performance of Spring Awakening
Feb. 9, 2011: After Hours at the IU Art Museum
"As Above, So Below": Astrology, Art, and the Alignment of Earth with Heaven
Feb. 17, 2011: HHart: A Celebration of the Arts
Feb. 18, 2011: Off the ChARTS:
A Gallery Show and Reception
Feb. 19, 2011: Afternoon at the Theatre:
Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet
Feb. 24, 2011: Empathy in the Practice of Medicine
with Jodi Halpern, University of California, Berkely
Feb. 24, 2011: Behind-the-scenes, Onstage, and Backstage Tour
of the Musical Arts Center's Faust
Feb. 26, 2011: Understanding Islamic Law
with Christopher Melchert, University of Oxford
March 25, 2011: Waiting for "Superman"
Screening & Panel Discussion
March 31 and April 1, 2011: Current Issues in Criminal Law:
Supper with Federal Judge David Hamilton and
International Videoconference with Canadian Students
April 4, 2011: From Burma to Indiana:
A Forum on Immigration and Burmese Refugees
April 5, 2011: "Financing Your Future"
an Undergraduate Discussion Supper
April 7, 2011: Solving the Global Water Crisis with
Erin Swanson, Communications and New Media Coordinator for Non-profit
April 7, 2011: Vincent: The Artist and the Opera
+ Dress Rehearsal
April 8, 2011: Same-Sex Marriage, Government, and the Law
Undergraduate Discussion Lunch with Civil Rights Lawyer Maura Healey
April 12, 2011: Bioethics at the Beginning of Life
Discussion Supper with John Lantos, MD
April 18, 2011: Undergraduate Discussion Lunch with
Former United States Congressman Lee H. Hamilton
April 19, 2011: "Symmetry in Action: Discovering Math and Art"
Tour of the IU Art Museum Led by Docent John Brown

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