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Hutton Honors College

 — Indiana University

Food as Art?

With Chef David Tallent of Restaurant Tallent and
Peter Todd, IU Professor of Cognitive Science, Informatics,
and Psychological and Brain Sciences

Including Film
Decoding Ferran Adria,
on the rise of molecular gastronomy and food as an art

Tuesday, Nov. 27, 2012, 4:30-6:30 p.m.
Hutton Honors College Great Room (811 E. Seventh St.)
SIGN-UP REQUIRED: See details below

What is good behavior and bad behavior with respect to food? There's the obvious—eating healthy versus unhealthy diets—but judgments about right or wrong ways to interact with food are made on other grounds, too. For instance, is a $500, 37-course meal a good use of our food (or financial) resources? Is using food as sport in competitive eating just good fun or is it sending the wrong messages about overeating? To explore some of these issues, we will bring together students with experts—and food!—to talk about the good, the bad, and the tasty. A short film will frame each discussion.

As part of the College of Arts and Sciences themester on Good Behavior, Bad Behavior: Molecules to Morality, the HHC will host two evenings, each featuring a film and food that illustrates the topic of the film.

On Tuesday, Nov. 27, the film will be Decoding Ferran Adria, on the rise of molecular gastronomy and food as an art form. Chef and food author Anthony Bourdain will take us to the ultra-modern "research lab" at El Bulli, a restaurant in Spain run by the celebrated and controversial chef Ferran Adria and voted the "World's Best" by Restaurant Magazine. "A culinary superstar," Adria has been called the "father of molecular gastronomy." A CNN report notes, "He's credited with inventing over 1,800 recipes for his restaurant. . . and elevating cooking to a new level, fusing gastronomy with art and science."

Chef David Tallent will join IU Professor Peter Todd, who teaches an HHC course called Food for Thought: Cognitive Science of Eating, to discuss good vs. bad artistry in developing and presenting food and chef Tallent will provide samples of artistic creations from the kitchen of his Bloomington restaurant, Restaurant Tallent. David Tallent and his wife, Kristen, bring their training at New York's Culinary Institute of America to Bloomington's local-food scene.

For more information about Adria and molecular gastronomy, visit:,,, and

For more information about David Tallent, click here.
For more information about Professor Peter Todd, click here.

SIGN-UP INFO: If you are interested in attending this undergraduate event, please check your schedule to make sure you are available for the entire event. Then, e-mail Anna Duquaine (, indicating you wish to sign up for the "Adria" program and include your name, e-mail address, year in school, and field(s) of study. Space is limited so we will let you know by e-mail if a space was available when you replied.

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