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Pictures From Fall 2009 Programs

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Making the Decision in a Tough Case:
Judicial Independence in a Democracy:
Discussion Supper with
U.S. District Court Judge Jone E. Jones III

December 4, 2009

On campus to deliver a lecture for the College of Arts and Sciences' Themester: Evolution, Diversity, and Change, Judge John E. Jones III participated in a supper with undergraduates, discussing his role in the influential Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District case and the role of federal judges in the U.S. legal system. Shown in this photo are Jones and HHC students Dylan Pittman, Matt De Leon, and Betsy Tao.

Psychology, Morality, and
the Things You Choose to Eat:
Discussion Lunch with Psychologist Paul Rozin

November 19, 2009

Paul Rozin, a professor of psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, spoke with undergraduates about the research he has conducted on food preferences, the psychology of obesity, and the idea of disgust. Rozin was on campus as a guest of the Cognitive Science Program to deliver a Themester lecture. In this picture, HHC student Andy Johns introduces Rozin.

Making Tough Decisions:
A Fireside Chat About Public Leadership
with Gen. Peter Pace,
Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

November 18, 2009

At this event, co-sponsored by the Kelley School of Business, HHC students and Kelley Honors students had the opportunity to chat with Gen. Peter Pace, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, about his leadership experiences and some of the difficult decisions he has had to make.

Right to Rock: Supper with
Rock Musician Kamara Thomas
and Rock Music Critic Kandia Crazy Horse

November 12, 2009

Kamara Thomas, a member of the rock band Earl Greyhound, and Kandia Crazy Horse, a rock critic, both visiting IU as part of the Archives of African American Music and Culture conference "Reclaiming the Right to Rock: Black Experiences in Rock Music," spoke with undergraduates about the past, present, and future of rock; the need to preserve the music of great musicians; sources of inspiration and influence; and what it is like to be a part of the music industry.

What Is Written in the Stars?:
Discussion Lunch with
Folklorist and Anthropologist George Lankford

November 11, 2009

On campus as a guest of the departments of astronomy and of folklore and ethnomusicology to deliver a Themester lecture, George Lankford, Professor Emeritus of Social Science at Lyon College in Arkansas, spoke about his love of solving puzzles and how that interest is fulfilled by his research on the sky lore of the prehistoric peoples of the Americas.

Environmental Impoverishment
and the World's Economies:
A Fireside Pizza Supper with
Environmentalist and Attorney Bruce Rich,
Author of Mortgaging the Earth

November 10, 2009

Environmental advocate and attorney Bruce Rich, who has advocated for social and environmental reform for more than 20 years, spoke with students about his work and about his upcoming book. Rich was on campus as a guest of the Environmental Law Society and the Department of Governance and Management in the School of Public and Environmental Affairs.

Dinner with Playwright Peter Sinn Nachtrieb
and Artistic Director Randy White,
Followed by a Cardinal Stage Company
Performance of the Play boom

November 5, 2009

Peter Sinn Nachtrieb's play boom enjoyed a three-week run by Cardinal Stage Company as part of the College of Arts and Sciences' Themester programming. Nachtrieb and Cardinal Stage Company Artistic Director Randy White joined undergraduates for a discussion about the creative process behind the play and the production. A performance of the play at the Waldron Arts Center in downtown Bloomington followed; and students had the option of staying for a talkback with members of the cast and crew and Matthew Hahn, an IU professor of biology and informatics. The supper was co-sponsored by the Hutton Honors College, the Wells Scholars Program, and Union Board.

Governing America's Cities:
Experiences in Public Leadership:
Discussion Lunch with
Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson

November 2, 2009

Mayor Jerry Abramson, an alumnus of the Kelley School of Business who has been elected mayor of Louisville a record-breaking five times, spoke to students about what it is like working in public service and politics. Abramson's visit to IU was sponsored by the Kelley School of Business. In this photograph, HHC student Nathaniel Kenninger introduces Abramson.

The Dangers of Eating
—and How We Protect Ourselves Against Them:
Discussion Lunch with
Darwinian Gastronomists Paul Sherman
and Janet Shellman Sherman

October 30, 2009

Why do humans use spices? What is the purpose of morning sickness? Why do humans have allergies? These are some of the questions that Paul Sherman and Janet Shellman Sherman, Darwinian gastronomists and professors of neurobiology and behavior at Cornell University, addressed during this fascinating discussion lunch with undergraduates. Paul Sherman was on campus as a guest of the Cognitive Science Program to give a Themester lecture. This lunch was co-sponsored by the Hutton Honors College and the Wells Scholars Program.

Fireside Chat with David Hatch,
Historian for the National Security Agency

October 26, 2009

At this fireside chat, David Hatch, the head historian of the National Security Agency, spoke about the history of Signals Intelligence in the United States and several famous Hoosier cryptologists before taking the questions of students, faculty, and community members.

Evolution and Faith: Discussion Lunch with
Evolutionary Theologist John Haught

October 22, 2009

John Haught, Distinguished Research Professor and Senior Fellow in Science and Religion at Georgetown University's Woodstock Theological Center, was brought to campus by the Department of Religious Studies as part of the College of Arts and Sciences' Themester programming. At this lunch, co-sponsored by the HHC and the Wells Scholars Program, Haught spoke about how he reconciles religion and evolution.

Genocide in Context: Discussion Supper with
Modern Historian Donald Bloxham

October 20, 2009

On campus as a guest of the Institute for Advanced Study to give a Branigin Lecture, Donald Bloxham, a professor of modern history at the University of Edinburgh, spoke to students about historical incidences of genocide and the implications for modern society. This supper was co-sponsored by the HHC and the Wells Scholars Program.

The Problem of the Evolution of Sex:
Faculty Discussion Supper with
Evolutionary Biologist Michael Wade

October 14, 2009

At this faculty discussion supper, Michael Wade, Distinguished Professor of Biology and vice provost for faculty and academic affairs at IU, spoke with students about one of his many research specialties, the evolution of sex and the problems and advantages of sexual vs. asexual reproduction.

Discussion Supper with Wendy Chamberlin,
Former U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan and Laos
and Current President of the Middle East Institute

October 9, 2009

Wendy Chamberlin, who has more than 30 years of experience working for the U.S. Foreign Service and major international organizations, spoke to students about the challenges (and advantages) of being a female diplomat and the trials and rewards of a career spent serving one's country. This supper was co-sponsored by the Hutton Honors College and the Wells Scholars Program. Chamberlin was brought to campus by the Student Foreign Policy Initiative.

Darwin for the Day: Special Performance
of the Darwin Song Project

October 7, 2009

Singer and songwriter Krista Detor and storyteller Arbutus Cunningham, along with several other musicians, presented this special narrative of Darwin's life using songs from the Darwin Song Project, a project in which Detor participated, and readings from Darwin's The Voyage of the Beagle and the Darwin biography Annie's Box.

The History of Everything:
From the Big Bang to the World Wide Web:
A Fireside Discussion with
Anthropologists Kathy Schick and Nick Toth
of the Stone Age Institute

October 6, 2009

What are the most important events of all time? At this program, students had the opportunity to discuss what would make their list before hearing the list of IU anthropology professors Kathy Schick and Nick Toth (and the accompanying song they wrote!). HHC student Kae Grossman won the door prize, a flint handaxe made by Toth using prehistoric techniques of a half-million years ago in the Early Stone Age of Africa, Europe, and the Near East.

Music+Politics=Mexican Band Los de Abajo:
An Informal Discussion Lunch

September 26, 2009

In Bloomington to participate in the Lotus World Music and Arts Festival, Mexican band Los de Abajo spoke to undergraduates about their music, their politics, and an array of other topics. The lunch was co-sponsored by the Hutton Honors College and the Wells Scholars Program. In this picture, HHC students Jamie Becker and Erin Chapman and another student pose with members of the band after the lunch.

Connecting Across Cultures/Alleviating Poverty:
An Informal Discussion Supper with
Jessica Jackley, Co-founder of

September 24, 2009

Jessica Jackley, co-founder of the microfinancing Web site, met with students to discuss her organization, the unexpected directions in which our lives take us, her experiences abroad, and many other fascinating topics. This supper was co-sponsored by the Hutton Honors College and the Kelley Honors Program.

Excusing Crime: Justice, Mercy, Responsibility:
Discussion Lunch with Oxford University
Criminal Law Scholar Jeremy Horder

September 23, 2009

On campus as a guest of the Institute for Advanced Study, Branigin Lecturer Jeremy Horder, a Law Commissioner for England and Wales and a professor of criminal law at Worcester College, Oxford University, spoke to students about his work and the difficulties of determining under which circumstances people should be held accountable for their crimes. This lunch was co-sponsored by the Hutton Honors College and the Wells Scholars Program.

Your Passport to Haiti: HHC Mixer
@ IU Art Museum Coffeehouse Night

September 17, 2009

At the mixer, HHC students had the opportunity to meet members of the HHC faculty and staff, including Dean Matthew Auer! Students enjoyed Haitian art, a sampling of coffee and sweet treats, and a live performance of Haitian music in the first floor gallery. HHC student CJ Lotz of the student group Haiti Now also hosted a display in the third floor conference room of Haitian culture, including Vodou, traditional foods, and proverbs.

Reassessing the Role of Race
in American Politics:
Discussion Lunch with Political Scientists
Paul Sniderman of Stanford University
and Edward Carmines of IU

September 16, 2009

At this program, political scientists Paul Sniderman and Edward Carmines, co-authors of the prize-winning book Reaching Beyond Race, spoke about their research into racial prejudice and the "blind spot" of their original research, the ways in which perception of race have changed in the United States, and more. This lunch was co-sponsored by the HHC and the Wells Scholars Program.

Debating Real-world Ethical Issues

September 15, 2009

At this program, students collaborated with current and former members of IU's prize-winning Ethics Bowl Team in debating tough ethical issues with their peers. Richard Miller, the team's sponsor, and Sandy Shapshay, the team's faculty advisor, served as judges, helping the student teams to view the cases from all sides. In this photograph, Ethics Bowl Team member and HHC student Devin Carpenter discusses a case with a group of students.

Freshman Welcome Session

August 27, 2009

At the Freshman Welcome Session, HHC Dean Matthew Auer welcomed incoming HHC students to IU, and various members of the HHC staff introduced students to the wide array of opportunities available to them as members of the HHC.

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