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Hutton Honors College

 — Indiana University

Faith, Family and Food: A Storytelling Event
with Professor Ray Hedin

December 1, 2011

Religion is often a sensitive subject in American public and political discourse and private conversation. But questions about religion in America and the larger world continue to rise and the need for interfaith dialogue in our society persists. Where exactly does religion fit into our communities? And how should we talk about it? Family, Faith, and Food was an event that intended to open the discussion of religion by approaching it through two things that all religions have in common: FOOD and FAMILY GATHERINGS. Students joined together for an evening of refreshments, low-key conversation, and community.

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Professor Ray Hedin, who teaches American literature with a particular interest in contemporary fiction, autobiography, children's literature, and storytelling, led discussion for this event.

Professor Hedin's book, Married to the Church, focuses on the lives of the priests and former priests with whom he attended Catholic seminary for eight years. He also directed the Individualized Major Program for thirteen years.

Students gathered after the event to continue their conversation about religion.

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