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Hutton Honors College

 — Indiana University

The Side of Peace:
Restorative Conflict Resolution in the
Israeli-Palestinian Context

October 21-22, 2011

The ongoing conflict over land, legitimacy, power, and rights between the Israelis and the Palestinians continues to be one of the most pressing concerns of the Israeli and Palestinian peoples, their neighbors in the region, and the international community. Yet it remains one of the most challenging conflicts to resolve. This workshop explored whether using the approaches and techniques of restorative conflict resolution could provide a better path toward peacebuilding. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has historically employed a rights-based approach-the right to land, the right to exist-and a power-based approach-war, military strength, international recognition. The restorative model instead favors an interests-based approach. What are the interests underlying the positions all sides have taken in this conflict? Where do those interests overlap? How can parties pursue common interests for mutual gain?

Participants watched and discussed short film clips on the first evening of the workshop to prepare them to think about the issues to be faced and to see examples of peace and reconciliation within the Israeli-Palestinian context. They also were given the tools to assess different approaches to resolving war and conflict, the space to devise creative approaches of their own, and the forum to evaluate them collectively and to present a plan of action for addressing conflict in the region. They were guided in this process by Indiana University faculty.

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