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Hutton Honors College

 — Indiana University

Undergraduate Discussion Lunch with Evolutionary Anthropologist
Brian Hare

September 26, 2012

Brian Hare heads Duke University's Hominoid Psychology Research Group, which researches the psychology of primates, such as humans, bonobos, chimpanzees, and lemurs, and non-primates, such as dogs, to learn more about the evolution of human and human-like social skills, such a cooperative problem solving. A key question guiding his research is, "What is human about our mind and brain and how did it get that way?" Students joined Hare for this lunch discussion to learn about his non-invasive methodologies, what his research tells us, and what he sees it contributing to the service of society, including "identifying causes of developmental disorders such as autism," "understanding the biological basis of human trust, tolerance, and aggression," and "describing the biological basis of human economic preferences."

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Brian Hare enjoys a casual lunch with students before starting a discussion on his research.

Students from multiple disciplines were interested to hear why Hare believes that studying bonobo behavior is important in understanding human behavior.

Senior Andy Johns attends the primatologist lunch with Brian Hare.

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