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Hutton Honors College

 — Indiana University

The Girl in the Yellow Scarf
A True Story About When Evil Begets Goodness

October 17, 2012

Award-winning journalist Sandra Chapman talked about her investigation into the brutal 1968 murder of a young African American woman on the streets of Martinsville, Indiana. Her book, The Girl in the Yellow Scarf, recounts in sobering detail how the case was "cold" until the killer's daughter, who witnessed the crime at age 7, turned her father in to law enforcement authorities in 2002. This is a complex and paradoxical case of how in the midst of the darkness of evil and emotional agony, it is possible for people with the deepest bonds of family and community can decide to and do the right, good thing. Community members and students asked questions and participated in a book signing.

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Hutton Honors College Dean Matt Auer, Professor from the Department of African American and African Diaspora Studies John Stanfield, and author Sandra Chapman begin the program by introducing Chapman's new book.

Students and community members gathered in the Hutton Honors College Great Room to listen to Chapman speak.

Chapman listening to a question from the audience.

Senior and student host Michael McDowell posing with Sandra Chapman.

Chapman talking with a community member about her new book.

Chapman signing a book for honors student Brittany Belkiewitz.

Sandra Chapman posing with her new book, The Girl in the Yellow Scarf.

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