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Hutton Honors College

 — Indiana University

2012 Local Candidates' Forum:
Why Local Government Matters to Students

September 27, 2012

In an informal format, local candidates for county judge, commissioner, and council discussed how their positions and local issues affect the lives of students. Students were able to meet the candidates and enjoyed pizza and discussion. This event was cosponsored by Political and Civic Engagement (PACE), Political Science, and IU Student Association.

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Students Kae Grossman and Dan O'Connell converse outside the Great Room before the forum begins.

After a brief introduction, the candidates joined students in small group discussions.

Multiple locations within the Hutton Honors College were used for the question and answer discussions.

Kae Grossman and other students helped facilitate discussion between the candidates and other students.

Andy Braden was part of the planning committee for this program and helped facilitate discussion.

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