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Hutton Honors College

 — Indiana University

The Camera's Eye
Supper with Patten Lecturer and Journalism Scholar Barbie Zelizer

October 25, 2012

Barbie Zelizer is a highly renowned scholar, whose research focuses on the cultural dimensions of journalism. She explores, in particular, the areas of journalistic authority, collective memory, and media images in crises and wars. Zelizer's authored and co-authored publications include About to Die: How News Images Move the Public; Journalism After September 11; Reporting War: Journalism in Wartime; The Changing Faces of Journalism: Tabloidization, Technology, and Truthiness; Remembering to Forget: Holocaust Memory through the Camera's Eye; and Covering the Body: The Kennedy Assassination, The Media, and The Shape of Collective Memory. Students came together at Harlos House to enjoy pasta from Bloomingfoods and a lively discussion about the ethics of photojournalism.

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Honors student Casey Greer hosted Barbie Zelizer and performed the introductions.

Students at Zelizer's table having a casual conversation during supper.

Barbie Zelizer spoke during the week of October 22-26 as part of the Patten Lecture series.

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