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Hutton Honors College

 — Indiana University

Improv(e) Your Life!
A Comedy Workshop with Members of
IU's Improv & Sketch Community

November 19, 2014

Students had the opportunity to learn how the fundamentals of improvisation can be valuable for navigating the unexpected turns of daily endeavors while practicing through short scenes created on the spot.

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HHC student Jake Huff introduced workshop leader Shelby Plummer, a senior majoring in English, theater, and gender studies who has studied at Second City and the Improv Olympic in Chicago. She performs reguarly in Bloomington with the University tWits and Awkward Silence Comedy.

The workshop began with several warm-up games designed to help participants get their creative juices flowing.

Students then had the chance to play different improv games with a partner.

At the close of the program, Plummer provided feedback and insight on how the rules of improv can be applied to everyday life.

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