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Pictures From Fall 2012 Programs

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Stress Relief Through Finger Painting!

Friday, December 7

Instead of stressing about dead week and finals, students came to the Hutton Honors College to enjoy some finger painting and listening to music by band Square Peg Round Hole.

Dinner with National Security Experts

Friday, November 30

National security experts stopped by the Hutton Honors College and shared their thoughts on the most pressing national security threats.

How to Start and Maintain a NGO
with Building Tomorrow Representative Liz Braden

Thursday, November 29

Student leaders from the group Building Tomorrow in Uganda take a picture with Liz Braden, who works in the national office. Braden shared her knowledge of starting and maintaining a non-governmental organization with student guests.

The Indiana Daily Student Tour

Wednesday, November 28

Students took a tour of the Indiana Daily Student office and learned about what it takes to produce a newspaper independent of the school and run by college students.

Dinner and a Movie: Food as Art?

Tuesday, November 27

Food prepared by chef David Tallent of Restaurant Tallent was brought to the discussion and film screening of Decoding Ferran Adria, led by IU professor Peter Todd on the topic of food as art.

Lunch with Primatologist Joan Silk

Wednesday, November 14

What do close and lasting social bonds among primates tell us about human friendships? Evolutionary Anthropologist Joan Silk joined students for lunch to expand upon her research related to social bonds.

Living and Dying for an Idea
With Philosopher Costica Bradatan

Monday, November 12

Costica Bradatan is a professor of philosophy and is working on a book about living and dying for ideas. Students came together for a discussion supper to learn more about Bradatan's research in this area and to learn more about the motivation behind self-immolation for a cause.

Animal Ethics with Mylan Engel

Thursday, November 8

Mylan Engel is a moral vegetarian and has argued that virtually all humans hold beliefs that, if consistently applied, would make them moral vegetarians as well. Students discussed his philosophical reasoning while enjoying a vegan supper and conversing over Animals and Ethics.

Supper with Patten Lecturer Barbie Zelizer

Thursday, October 25

Barbie Zelizer is a highly renowned scholar whose research focuses on the cultural dimensions of journalism. She shared her expertise in journalistic authority, collective memory, and media images in crises and wars with students over supper at Harlos House.

Final Presidential Debate Screening

Monday, October 22

Freshman Daniel Eads and sophomore Ryan Myers question students on debate topics before watching the final presidential debate screening.

The Girl In The Yellow Scarf
Fireside Chat with author Sandra Chapman

Wednesday, October 17

Award-winning journalist Sandra Chapman talked about her investigation into the brutal 1968 murder of a young African American woman on the streets of Martinsville, Indiana. Her book, The Girl in the Yellow Scarf, recounts in sobering detail how the case was "cold" until the killer's daughter, who witnessed the crime at age seven, turned her father in to law enforcement authorities in 2002.

Fireside Chat with IU Athletic Director Fred Glass

Tuesday, October 16

Since assuming the role of Indiana University vice president and director of intercollegiate athletics on January 1, 2009, Fred Glass has worked to return IU to its place as one of the premier athletics departments in the country. Students enjoyed learning about the mission and goals of IU Athletics under the direction of Fred Glass.

Reception with four IU Alumni in the Entertainment Industry

Thursday, October 4

The Hutton Honors College held a reception for IU Bloomington graduates who now work in the entertainment industry before their alumni career panel discussion.

First Presidential Debate Screening

Wednesday, October 3

Students listened to Lisa Braverman, who teaches argumentation and public advocacy, on how to evaluate debate tactics and techniques before the first presidential debate screening.

Lunch with Primatologist David Watts

Wednesday, October 3

Anthropologist David Watts of Yale University shared his belief that studying chimps and other primates can tell us about their behavior and ours during this discussion lunch.

Fireside Chat with Sports Journalist Inga Hammond

Monday, October 1

Inga Hammond joined students for a fireside chat and informal conversation about the world of sports and her career as a sports journalist and now agent and manager.

Local Election Candidate Forum

Thursday, September 27

Students learned why local government matters during a local candidate forum cosponsored by Political and Civic Engagement, Political Science, the IU Student Association, and the Hutton Honors College.

Lunch with Primatologist Brian Hare

Wednesday, September 26

Evolutionary anthropologist Brian Hare heads Duke University's Hominoid Psychology Research Group and shared his insights on bonobo research over lunch with honors students.

Lunch with Lotus Festival Band Deolinda

Friday, September 21

Pedro da Silva Martins, one of the Portuguese band members of Deolinda, describes his inspiration for writing music during lunch at Harlos House.

Coffeehouse Night Mixer at the Art Museum

Thursday, September 20

Students experienced art and music of Africa at the Hutton Honors College Mixer during the IU Art Museum's Coffeehouse Night. The museum's African art collection was featured with music provided by West African hand drummer Dr. Djo Bi. Guests enjoyed coffee and desserts from the Angles Café and Bloomingfoods while mingling.

Dinner with Patten Lecturer Werner Herzog

Thursday, September 13

Patten Lecturer Werner Herzog and students conversed after a discussion supper over his many accomplishments in the film industry.

Musical Arts Center Tour

Wednesday, September 12

Students enjoy a tour of the Musical Arts Center as they prepare for the fall production of Don Giovanni.

Opera 101

Thursday, September 6

Lead performers from the fall opera Don Giovanni give the group a taste of what to expect during this Opera 101 program designed to deepen one's experience and enjoyment of the opera.

Ethics Debate

Wednesday, August 29

Haleigh Eppler attended the event on debating real-world ethical issues and participated with other teammates and students to defend her position on one of four debate topics.

Extracurricular Programming Call-Out Meeting

Wednesday, August 22

Senior Andy Johns and other honors students came together to brainstorm programming ideas that they wanted to see for the 2012-2013 academic year.

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