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Pictures From Fall 2013 Programs

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Connections in Art and Controversies in Cultural Diplomacy

Wednesday, December 13

Students visited the IU Art Museum for a study break to participate in student-led private tours related to the Themester topic: Connections: Networks in a Complex World with a selection of pieces from around the world in different media. The program also included the museum's special exhibition, Art Interrupted: Advancing American Art and the Politics of Cultural Diplomacy, with an informal discussion about art-related initiatives and controversies in American cultural diplomacy with Leslie Lenkowsky, professor of practice in the School of Public and Environmental Affairs, and former deputy director of the U.S. Information Agency and former CIA field operations officer Gene Coyle, professor of practice in IU's new School of Global and International Studies.

Paint Out Your Stress!

Wednesday, December 11

Students participated in a finger painting event to relieve their stress during finals. Live music and snacks were provided during the event.

An Undergraduate Breakfast and Discussion with
Washington Post Columnist
David Ignatius

Tuesday, November 19

David Ignatius has spent his 35-year career as an editor, reporter, columnist, and author with a focus on global politics, economics, and international affairs. His current columns appear twice weekly in the Washington Post, and he is a frequent guest on Sunday morning political talk shows. Of his eight espionage novels, the book Body of Lies was adapted into a Hollywood film and was inspired by his in-depth examination of political affairs.

The Ethics of End-of-life Medical Care

Friday, November 8

Students joined Professor Emeritus David Smith from the Department of Religious Studies for a discussion of end-of-life medical decisions. Smith is the former director of IU's Poynter Center for the Study of Ethics and American Institutions and Yale's Center for Bioethics.

An Undergraduate Supper with
Princeton Physicist
William Bialek

Wednesday, October 30

Princeton University theoretical physicist William Bialek has worked throughout his career to understand how physical principles underlie the performance of biological systems, an understanding that requires an integrated view across multiple levels of biological organization, from individual molecules, to cells and cellular circuits, to central processing within the brain.

Tour the Night Sky at the Kirkwood Observatory

Thursday, October 24

Fall is great for many outdoor activities, gazing! Students visited the Kirkwood Observatory and viewed planets, nebulae, star clusters, and other celestial wonders.

Undergraduate Discussion Lunch with Afghan American
Freelance Journalist Fariba Nawa

Wednesday, October 23

Fariba Nawa, an Afghan American freelance journalist, has covered human trafficking in Afghanistan, the United States, and elsewhere in the world. She has reported from Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Iran, Egypt, and Germany, as well as the United States.

Finding "the One":
What Are You (and Others) Really Searching For?

Wednesday, October 16

Media commonly portray romance as eyes meeting across a crowded room, where lovers just "know" they've found "the one." But in reality, the process of finding a romantic partner—searching for that social connection—is a bit more complicated. What are we really doing as we search a room for someone to lock eyes with? Are we focusing on looks, an indicator of financial success, a sense of humor? Do men and women seek the same attributes? And how do we know when we've found what we're looking for?

Reclaiming Our Democracy
Undergraduate Discussion Lunch with "Ordinary Citizen" and Author
Sam Daley-Harris

Tuesday, October 8

Sam Daley-Harris, the founder and president of RESULTS, an international citizens' lobby, talked about democracy, the capacity of citizens to bring about change, and ways to tackle hunger, poverty, and other problems that seem insoluble.

Connections, Clues, and Cues:
Try to Solve the (Hands-on) Puzzles at the Lilly Library!

Friday, October 4

With an introduction by Lilly's curator of puzzles Andrew Rhoda, students had a chance to learn about its Slocum collection of more than 30,000 puzzles and nearly 4,000 puzzle-related books AND test their imagination, perception, and skill with some of the "easier" puzzles in the collection.

The Ethics of Letters of Recommendation

Friday, October 4

Are you going to need a letter of recommendation for an internship, scholarship, grant, or graduate school? What would you do if your recommender asked you to write a "draft" of the letter? Or you learned your recommender wrote a recommendation just six sentences long? What would you do if you were a faculty member asked to write a letter by a student who had missed a lot of classes and done only average work when there? Students enjoyed coffee, croissants, and a discussion of the ethical issues involved with requesting and writing letters of recommendations.

Fireside Chat with Former CIA Operations Officer
Gene Coyle

Tuesday, October 1

Drawing on the worlds of espionage, military deceptions, and police stings, former CIA operations officer Gene Coyle presented examples of remarkable creativity in situations initially hidden from public view and posed the central question, Can you teach someone to be more creative, whether spying or developing a clever business plan?

Undergraduate Lunch with FRIGG
"Hot Fiddles From Cool Scandinavia"

Friday, September 27

Known as the band who developed the musical genre "Nordgrass" (which combines Nordic folk and American bluegrass), Frigg was in Bloomington for the Lotus World Music Festival.

Celebrate Art and Music from Latin America!
HHC Mixer @ IU Art Museum Coffeehouse Night

Wednesday, September 18

Students mixed and mingled with fellow HHC students, faculty, and staff at the Coffeehouse Night @ the IU Art Museum. The night was presented in collaboration with the Latino Cultural Center to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month.


Monday, September 9

Students gathered for a friendly debate of provocative ethical questions that came from current, real-world situations that might involve the penalty for cheating in high school honors English, an Alzheimer's case that led to two deaths, the debate over immigration reform, or the treatment of corporations as "people" who have the right to free speech about political issues.

HHC Extracurricular Programs
Volunteer Call-out Meeting!

Wednesday, August 28

Extracurricular student committee members discussed some of the semester's upcoming events, described the opportunities available to volunteers, and helped generate program ideas for the academic year.

Hutton Honors College Freshman Welcome Session

Thursday, August 15

All incoming honors freshman met in Alumni Hall in the Indiana Memorial Union before classes started to learn more about the Hutton Honors College and to sign up for the many opportunities the Hutton Honors College provides for students.

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