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Hutton Honors College

 — Indiana University

Pictures From Spring 2006 Programs

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Blogging: Journaling, Journalism, Truth, and Consequences

Participants in the discussion listen as a student shares a sample blog entry during the program.

April 10, 2006

HHC Founders Day Reception

HHC students and their family members had the opportunity to meet faculty members as a part of the celebration for Founders Day. This event was co-hosted by the Honors Student Association.

April 2, 2006

What Can Ancient Cultures Teach Us About Modern Times? Pizza Discussion Supper with Mary Beard from the University of Cambridge

Mary Beard speaks to students during the discussion supper about the British education system and the importance of studying the classics. She visited campus as a Patten Lecturer.

March 22, 2006

Honors Professors 101

A students and faculty had a chance to meet and mingle during this mixer, co-sponsored by the Honors Student Association.

March 6, 2006

Discussion Lunch on Religion in Full Force at Home and Abroad with Martin E. Marty of the University of Chicago

Martin Marty led students in a lunchtime discussion about religion. His visit to campus was sponsored by the Institute for Advanced Study. The lunch was co-sponsored by the Wells Scholars Program.

March 1, 2006

Discussion Lunch with Vandivier Sims Lecturer Ronald Green of Dartmouth College

Ronald Green speaks to students about issues regarding the ethics of gene enhancement. He visited campus to deliver the Vandivier Sims Memorial Lecture titled "Babies by Design? The Ethics of Gene Enhancement." The lunch was co-sponsored by the Wells Scholars Program

February 23, 2006

Writers on Writing Panel Discussion

HHC Students Julie Euber and Megan Robb view art in the School of Fine Arts (SoFA) Gallery after the Writers on Writing Panel Discussion. The discussion was co-sponsored by the HHC Succinct Saga Society and Labyrinth, the Hutton Honors College literary magazine.

February 21, 2006

The View From Abroad: An Undergraduate Workshop on the Role and Image of the United States Abroad

Professor J. Roberto Garcia from the IU School of Business leads a group of students in a discussion of business issues regarding nuclear weapons in Iran and the crisis in Darfur. This program was co-sponsored by the Wells Scholars Program

February 17-18, 2006

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