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Pictures From Spring 2007 Programs

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Humor across Cultures-- What Makes Us Laugh?

April 11, 2007

In this discussion supper, four guest speakers presented different perspectives on humor across the world. HHC student Callie Taylor, guest speaker Kelly Branam, HHC students Alexandra Chtchedrina and Don Yamtich laugh at a comment shared by another student.

After-hours at the IU Art Museum: "Artists Breaking the Rules"

April 10, 2007

HHC students Melissa Dittmann, Chelsie Hendy, and John Murray discuss and analyze an impressionism painting after a brief introduction to art analysis by Ed Maxedon, Lucienne M. Glaubinger Curator of Education at the IU Art Museum.

Video Game Storytelling from the Creator's Perspective: With Lee Sheldon, Award-winning Television Writer and Game Designer

April 5, 2007

After explaining how he became involved in the video game industry after working in the television industry, Professor Sheldon utilized a live role-playing game based on game logic to describe his game writing technique. HHC student Alex Kopytko acts as a "non-player character" responding to a game player, Daniel Vollen, also a HHC student.

Discussion Supper with Peter J. Katzenstein, Walter S. Carpenter, Jr. Professor of International Studies at Cornell University

April 3, 2007

Peter J. Katzenstein spoke to students about anti-Americanisms in world politics and discussed the importance of continuing to actively engage in history. HHC student Aaron Cantrell is in conversation with Professor Katzenstein during supper. The program was co-sponsored by the Wells Scholars Program.

Debating Real-world Ethical Issues

March 29, 2007

The IU Ethics Bowl Team joined students for a night of debating tough ethical issues from current, real-world situations. Participants continue their discussions and conversations after the conclusion of the program.

Discussion Lunch with Pearl Gluck, a story collector, story teller, and documentary filmmaker

February 23, 2007

Pearl Gluck discussed how she became involved with filmmaking and the impact of her college experiences on her career. HHC student Simi Dhillon is engaged in conversation with Professor Gluck immediately after the lunch. The program was co-sponsored by the Wells Scholars Program.

Writers on Writing

February 19, 2007

HHC students William Yu, Callie Taylor, and Erin Fenton chat with mystery writer Michael Koryta and poet Maurice Manning in the School of Fine Arts (SoFA) Gallery following the Writers on Writing Panel Discussion. Also participating in the program was playwright Paul Shoulberg. The program was co-sponsored by the HHC Succinct Saga Society and Labyrinth, the Hutton Honors College literary magazine.

HHC Mini-Series: Sex Education in Different Countries and Cultures
Sex Education in the United States: Teaching the Next Generation

February 20, 2007

Students engage in lively discussion at a table, role-playing a school board meeting about sex education curriculum at an American high school.

HHC Mini-Series: Sex Education in Different Countries and Cultures
International Perspectives on Sex Education

February 5, 2007

After small discussions at each table, HHC student Valkyrie Savage presents what she has learned about sex education in Western Europe.

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