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Pictures From Spring 2008 Programs

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One Swingin' Night: An Evening with Living Jazz Legend David Baker & the Big Band Extravaganza at the MAC

April 19, 2008

HHC student Christian Hines smiles with Professor David Baker during the reception following the pre-performance talk by Professor Baker.

After-hours at the IU Art Museum: "The Artist as Truth-teller"

April 15, 2008

HHC students Tamir Saland and Elizabeth Albert present to fellow students their interpretation of a work by Pablo Picasso after a brief introduction to art analysis by Ed Maxedon, Lucienne M. Glaubinger Curator of Education at the IU Art Museum.

On Literature, Science, Virginia Woolf, and Darwin: A Discussion Supper with British Writer and Scholar Dame Gillian Beer

April 10, 2008

HHC student Sarah Wilensky talks with British literary scholar Dame Gillian Beer after a supper discussion of Dame Gillian's work on Darwin and the impact of scientific thought on literature and society.

HHC Spring Hike at IU's Griffy Woods: Ecology, Conservation, Environment...

April 5, 2008

Students gather with Angie Shelton and James Farmer of the IU Research & Teaching Preserve after a Saturday morning hike through IU's Griffy Woods.

Debating Real-world Ethical Issues

March 26, 2008

Megan Robb, captain of the IU Ethics Bowl team, helps fellow students Emily Cahill, Michel Ewing, and Andrew Harbor prepare their arguments for a debate of an ethics case.

Discussion Supper with Ahmad Cleaver, Author of Soul on Islam

March 24, 2008

HHC students Laura Goins, Aariya Mirza, David Sledge, and Erin Chapman pause for a picture with Ahmad Cleaver at the conclusion of the discussion supper.

Courage in a Dangerous World: A Discussion Lunch with Human Rights Scholar Allida Black

March 6, 2008

HHC students Nicholas Wallace and Jess Meyer listen intently as Professor Black shares the history about Eleanor Roosevelt and her contributions to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Risky Business: Marriage in America

February 19, 2008

Student Mo Jeffrey shares with her group her thoughts about what the essential characteristics are for a good marriage.

Is This Any Way to Choose the U.S. President?

January 16, 2008

Laura Goins and other HHC students talk with Russell Hanson, one of several IU political science professors who acted as "consultants" during a workshop in which student teams determined what qualities they wanted in the country's leaders and how to (re-)structure the election process to produce leaders with those qualities.

Extracurriculars Home | Archives | Photos from Fall 2007