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Hutton Honors College

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Pictures From Spring 2014 Programs

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Paint Out Your Stress!
Finger Painting Event

Wednesday, April 30

Students relieved their dead-week stress by finger-painting in the HHC Great Room. Light refreshments were provided and music was played as students came and went during the program.

Building a Better Tomorrow, Today
An Undergraduate Discussion Supper with Joseph Kaliisa, Human Rights Activist And Country Director for Building Tomorrow in Uganda

Thursday, April 24

Joseph Kaliisa discussed with students how to bring about change through nonprofit and NGO initiatives.

Covering Immigration and Other Social Issues
Informal Undergraduate Lunch with Pulitzer Prize-winning Journalist and LA Times Contributor Sonia Nazario

Wednesday, April 16

Described as a truth-teller who is both sensitive and sensible, award-winning reporter Sonia Nazario related her experiences covering illegal immigrant children as they travelled from Central America to the United States.

Undergraduate Discussion Breakfast with Ben Rhodes
Assistant to President Obama and Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications and Speechwriting

Monday, April 7

Foreign policy speechwriter, deputy national security advisor, and spokesman for the Obama administration Ben Rhodes spoke with students about working at the White House and the work he does.

Ethics for Breakfast with Professor Camilla McMahon: Seeking a Cur or Accepting Diversity? Issues Raised by the Neurodiversity Movement

Friday, April 4

Professor Camilla McMahon from the School of Education led a discussion of the issues raised by the Neurodiversity Movement. Students discussed whether it was ethical to seek a cure or accept diversity for people with developmental disabilities.

Breakfast with Amy Costello, Human Rights Journalist

Tuesday, April 2

Amy Costello discussed a number of the hard questions she asks NGOs and nonprofits When investigating "the business of doing good."

Making Good Decisions
An Undergraduate Supper with Patten Lecturer Gerd Gigerenzer of the Max Planch Institute for Human Development

Thursday, March 27

A world leader in research on decision making, Gerd Gigerenzer shared with students his cross-disciplinary approach to making good decisions.

A Worldwide Leader in Sports Broadcasting
Informal Undergraduate Lunch with IU Alumna and ESPN's Own Sage Steele

Monday, March 24

Sage Steele has made her mark in the world of sports journalism as a commentator, NBA Countdown host, and former SportsCenter co-host. Steele shared her favorite memories as an undergrad at IU with current students over lunch.

Making Time More Precise and Computers Faster
An Undergraduate Lunch with 2012 Nobel Laureate in Physics David Wineland

Wednesday, March 12

David Wineland talked with students over lunch about his work measuring and controlling individual photons, which is paving the way for advanced, super-fast computing and more precise instruments.

The Ethics and Politics of Writing Other People's Speeches
Supper with Robert Lehrman, Former Chief Speechwriter for Vice President Al Gore

Monday, March 10

Robert Lehrman, talked with students about writing speeches for public figures.

Ethical Issues in the Edward Snowden Case with Professor Judy Failer

Friday, March 7

As part of the Talking About Ethics series, professor Judy Failer led discussion with students over the ethical issues in the Edward Snowden case.

Hunger in the U.S. Banquet Hosted by OXFAM at IU

Wednesday, February 26

OXFAM hosted an annual 'hunger banquet' in the HHC Great Room, although this time, the hunger banquet emulated what hunger might look like within the United States.

HHart: A Celebration of the Arts

Thursday, February 20

A committee of honors students and Hudson & Holland Scholars collaborated to bring the fourth annual Arts Showcase and Gala back to the honors college, showcasing student artwork in any form from students across all majors.

Jack Kerouac's Original Manuscript for On the Road with Jim Canary of the Lilly Library of Rare Books and Manuscripts

Monday, February 17

Jim Canary of the Lilly Library of Rare Books and Manuscripts showcased Jack Kerouac's original manuscript for On the Road. Students learned more about the life of Kerouac and his inspiration for the novel while seeing the document up close.

The Ethics of Romantic and Sexual Relationships on a College Campus with Assistant Professor in Gender Studies Justin Garcia

Friday, February 14

As another program for the Talking About Ethics series, students discussed the ethics of romantic and sexual relationships on Valentine's Day with assistant professor in Gender Studies Justin Garcia.

Financial Literacy Workshop with Phil Schuman, IU Director of Student Financial Literacy

Tuesday, February 11

The MoneySmarts Team and Phil Schuman, IU's director of Student Financial Literacy, helped students figure out what to expect for salaries and expenses after college and how that would impact their lifestyle choices in the future.

Supper with War Correspondent and Pulitzer Prize-winning Author David Finkel

Thursday, February 6

Author of The Good Soldier, David Finkel, discussed his experience following and talking with soldiers and veterans from the United States.

Writing a New Opera about an
Ancient Vietnamese Story
The Tale of Lady Thi Kinh
Undergraduate Lunch with Composer P. Q. Phan

Thursday, February 6

Composer P.Q. Phan treated students to an exclusive discussion and preview of his new opera about an ancient Vietnamese story The Tale of Lady Thi Kinh.

What Is a Family?
Supper with Sociologist Brian Powell

Monday, February 3

Brian Powell has done extensive research on how society has and is classifying families, and he demonstrated his research by holding an interactive discussion with students to reveal his finding.

Breakfast with TIME Contract Photographer Robert Nickelsberg

Tuesday, January 28

As a TIME magazine contract photographer for 25 years, Robert Nickelsberg discussed his experiences documenting conflicts in Kashmir, Iraq, Sri Lanka, India and Afghanistan with students.

Ethics and Sports with Professor Jack Raglin

Friday, January 24

Students joined in a discussion for the first program of the semester in the series "Talking About Ethics" on the ethical issues related to sports enhancements, led by professor Jack Raglin.

Indian Dance Workshop with Raas Royalty

Thursday, January 23

Raas Royalty brought their talent to the honors college as students came to learn (and practice) traditional Indian dancing.

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