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Hutton Honors College

 — Indiana University

Human Experimentation in 20th Century America: Myths and Realities

April 26, 2013

Professor Jonathon Erlen, an IU alumnus, gave a talk on "Human Experimentation in 20th Century America: Myths and Realities," addressing the ethical issues raised by the Tuskegee syphilis, the Salk polio, and the Willowbrook State School hepatitis studies, and how the impact of the mistakes in understanding the Tuskegee case relate directly to the current HIV/AIDS crisis in the African American community.

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IU alumnus Jonathon Erlen is the History of Medicine Librarian at the University of Pittsburgh and has additional faculty appointments in the University Honors College, the Center for Medical Ethics, the Behavioral and Community Health Sciences in the Graduate School of Public Health, the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, and the Departments of History and Sociology. He has taught courses in the School of Medicine, the Honors College, and other departments; and he mentors pre-med students on their career choices and how to prepare for them. Pictured to the left is Dean Matt Auer and John Erlen talking before the presentation.

Erlen has written and reviewed the work of others on topics that range from bioethics to global medicine; from the evolution of the doctor/patient relationship to social networks and mental health; from alcohol and sexuality to smoking and reproduction. He is a consultant to the Smithsonian libraries, the Folger Shakespeare Library, and IU's Kinsey Institute Library. He earned an undergraduate degree in history from IU and a master's in library sciences and a doctorate in history from the University of Kentucky. Earlier in the day, Erlen met with students to discuss career options in the medical field.

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