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Hutton Honors College

 — Indiana University

Surviving and Thriving in the Record Business with
Music Industry Executive Logan Westbrooks

February 6, 2013

A pioneer in the music industry, Logan Westbrooks has been key in promoting black artists and executives and was instrumental in promoting more than 25 platinum and gold records. Students joined Westbrooks for supper and a conversation about his career and about the music industry, past, present, and future.

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Early in his career in the music industry, Logan Westbrooks was hired by Capitol Records to promote "albums by black, country, and pop artists such as Lou Rawls, Nancy Wilson, Nat King Cole, The Beatles, Glen Campbell, The Lettermen, Bobby Gentry, and Cannonball Adderley," ( Logan's wife, Geri Westbrooks, also joined the supper conversation.

Student host Matthias Howell introduced Logan Westbrooks during the program.

Westbrook has also been a published writer, philanthropist (founding the Helping Hands Home for Boys nonprofit in Los Angeles), an educator, an entrepreneur, and a pastor.

Tim Londergan, director of the Wells Scholars Program, and Portia Maultsby from the Archives of African American Music and Culture, chat after the discussion. The AAAMC helped bring Westbrooks to campus.

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