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Hutton Honors College

 — Indiana University

An Undergraduate Discussion Lunch with
Seamus McGraw, author of The End of Country

Monday, Jan. 14, 1-2:15 p.m.
Hutton Honors College Great Room (811 E. Seventh St.)
SIGN-UP REQUIRED: See details below

The IU Department of Geological Sciences, the Center for Research on Energy & the Environment (CREE), the Office of Sustainability, and the Integrated Program in the Environment are welcoming Penn State University geology Professor Terry Engelder, a leading authority on the Marcellus shale gas reservoir, and Seamus McGraw, author of The End of Country: Dispatches from the Frack Zone, to campus on Monday, Jan. 14th, for discussions (see details below) on the natural gas boom and the controversies surrounding the hydraulic fracturing (or "fracking") technique being used in the United States. Engelder and McGraw will examine the complex social, economic, and policy implications of natural gas exploration in America.

Join us for lunch with Seamus McGraw, author of The End of Country: Dispatches from the Frack Zone, which describes his own family's experience with natural gas development as the Marcellus Shale gas boom impacted his Pennsylvania community in 2007. Jeffrey White, director of IU's Integrated Program in the Environment and a professor in the School of Public and Environmental Affairs, noted that "hydraulic fracking represents one of the more complex environmental concerns facing this nation and will soon be a pressing issue in other countries worldwide," and "it challenges our understanding of long-term impacts and our existing regulatory regimes intended to control risks from such activities." Listen to McGraw's first-hand account over lunch and decide for yourself if this new technology is more beneficial or harmful to the country and environment. For reviews and more information about The End of Country, click here.

SIGN-UP INFO: If you are interested in attending this undergraduate lunch, please check your schedule to make sure you are available for the entire event and e-mail Anna Duquaine (, indicating you wish to sign up for the "Seamus McGraw" program and include your name, e-mail address, year in school, and field(s) or study. Space is limited so we will let you know by e-mail if a space was available when you replied. The lunch is co-sponsored by the Wells Scholars Program.

Engelder and McGraw will be speaking at these public events:

Terry Engelder: "Shale Gas: Technical Details Behind Environmental Concerns"
Monday, Jan. 14, 4 p.m., Geology 126
This Tudor Commemorative Lecture will be preceded by coffee and cookies in the lobby of the Geology Building.

Terry Engelder and Seamus McGraw: "Lessons from Marcellus: Fracking and the New Natural Gas Revolution"
Monday, Jan. 14, 7 p.m., Whittenberger Auditorium, IMU
This Campus-Community forum will be followed by an informal reception, where copies of "The End of Country" will be available for purchase.

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