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Opportunities to Volunteer

Hutton Honors College students who have ideas for programs or who are interested in volunteering to help plan or host programs should contact the HHC director of extracurricular programming, Charlene Brown, by email at chajbrow or by phone at (812) 855-9493.

Click here for the membership of the 2014-15 HHC Extracurricular Programs Committee, a body of students, faculty, and staff who will help plan and put together this year's programs. We greatly appreciate their help—and yours!

Special Thanks!

We wish to express our thanks to all the students and faculty who contributed to Hutton Honors College extracurricular programming events in 2013-14. We are grateful for the time, effort, and good spirit so many student volunteers dedicated to help plan and host events, including lunches and suppers with IU faculty and distinguished campus visitors. From the fall HHC mixer at the IU Art Museum coffeehouse to the HHart: Arts Showcase and Gala, students created many memorable events.

We were grateful to have partnered with Valerie Aquila, Cheryl Cottine, Glenda Murray, Sandy Shapshay, and Emma Young, all associated with the Poynter Center for the Study of Ethics and American Institutions, for the HHC program "Debating Real World Issues" and the new series, "Talking About Ethics"; with Anne Kibbler of the IU School of Journalism, who brought distinguished journalists to campus and included undergraduate events at the HHC in their schedules; with the Musical Arts Center and Tridib Pal, who provided opening night opera and ballet opportunities for HHC students and tours of the MAC; with Tracy Bee, who organized and provided event opportunities through the College of Arts and Sciences fall themester on "Connectedness: Networks in a Complex World", with Indermohan Virk of the Patten Foundation, who provided opportunities for undergraduates to have suppers with the year's Patten Lecturers; with Jennifer Wagelie, Patsy Rahn, and Anita DeCastro, who coordinated events at the IU Art Museum and provided the HHC docent program; with Gerardo Ortiz and the IU Physics Department, who have brought so many Nobel Laureates and other distinguished physicists to campus over the years and included undergraduate discussion lunches on their schedules; with Mimi Attenoukon and Susan Forney of the Hudson & Holland Scholars Program, who were key to making HHart: Arts Showcase and Gala a success; with Andrew Rhoda and James Canary of the Lilly Library of Rare Books and Manuscripts, who provided special programs on the Slocum puzzle collection and the Jack Kerouac manuscript for On the Road; with Lillian Casillas-Origel and La Casa on programs at the IU Art Museum and the Latino Cultural Center; with the student leaders of Union Board, Raas Royalty, Oxfam at IU, HealthNOW and Crimson CORPS, the IU Chapter of Building Tomorrow, who proposed and organized a terrific range of programs for students in the HHC and beyond; Melanie Castillo-Cullather and her staff at the Asian Culture Center, who provided an origami workshop; with Lee Williams of the Lotus World Music Festival on many, many lunches over the years with exciting musicians from around the world; with Cardinal Stage, which provided special-priced tickets to its production of Lord of the Flies; and with so many others.

An extra-special thanks goes to the student, faculty, and staff members of the 2013-14 HHC Extracurricular Programs Planning Committee for their leadership throughout the year and their stimulating contributions to this past year's programming. Students serving on the 2013-14 committee were Daniel Eads, accounting and finance; Ansley Fender, arts management and violin performance; Jake Huff, English; Kevin Kuo, biochemistry and LAMP; Ryan Myers, Speech Writing (IMP) and communication and culture; Nicole Silvernell-Barrios, English, Sandhya Sridhar, Cognitive Science and Conflict Resolution (IMP); Sara Swan, Sustainable Food Security (IMP) and French; and Christine White, political science and economics. We will miss our graduating members—Nicole Silvernell-Barrios and Sara Swan—but are grateful for their help over the years.

Congratulations and thanks, too, to all the HHC students who contributed to extracurricular programming in their residences and through campus, community, and international organizations.

We appreciate all your hard work!


Anna Duquaine (aduquain)
HHC Extracurricular Programming

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