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Hutton Honors College

 — Indiana University

Della Cook
Student Building 260

1. How is your honors degree program administered? Is there a specific person who acts as coordinator? Is there a faculty committee?

Della Cook is responsible for the honors advising in the department.

2. What are the requirements for admission into your honors program? How are students recruited for your program? May students recommend themselves?

For admission into the honors program, the department requires an outstanding academic record, a minimum GPA of 3.3, and a strong interest in a specific area of study. Honors students are tutored by a faculty member on a research project that must be approved before enrollment in Anthropology A399.

3. How does a student graduate with honors from your department?

Honors students enroll in A399 (Honors Tutorial in Anthropology). They graduate after submission of a report (about 50 pages) on their individual research project. A one-hour oral examination is administered regarding the thesis by a three member committee with whom the student has worked in conducting the research. The report should be of the length and style of a submission to an appropriate anthropology journal.

4. What is the nature of the senior project and what are the requirements for completing it?

The senior project is an original piece of library or fieldwork research, and has to be completed according to conditions defined in answer #3. Many research projects have used collections in the Department of Anthropology, CRAFT, or the Mathers Museum.

5. Are there departmental resources available to support internships or research projects related to the senior project?

The department may support the senior project through internships as an assistant to a faculty member.

6. How might the work required for an honors degree be particularly beneficial in future endeavors?
Work required for earning a honors degree should encourage students to pursue their academic studies in graduate school. It is a good preliminary training for professional research and allows students to deepen their interest in a specific area of study. The faculty tutor can advise about choosing a graduate program and applying for admission and funding. Many students have presented their research at professional meetings, and several projects have resulted in publications.

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