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Hutton Honors College

 — Indiana University

Scott Wissink
Swain, West 206

1. How is your honors degree program administered? Is there a specific person who acts as coordinator? Is there a faculty committee?

The person listed above advises students about the honors program in Physics. Professor Wissink is Director of Undergraduate Studies for our department and is the chair of our Undergraduate Academic Advising Committee.

2. What are the requirements for admission into your honors program? How are students recruited for your program? May students recommend themselves?

The undergraduate advisors may suggest the honors program as a possibility to physics majors during regular advising. Students may recommend themselves. There are no formal requirements for admission into the honors program.

3. How does a student graduate with honors from your department?

The key component of the honors program is participation in an independent research project(PHYS-S 406), which must culminate in the writing of an Honor's thesis. An oral presentation describing the work is expected. Students are also expected to complete most of the course work that is "recommended" for the BS degree; in particular, at least two of the three courses P332, P442, and P454 must be completed. To graduate with honors, students must also maintain a GPA of 3.5 or higher in all physics course work.

4. What courses do students take as juniors and before in order to prepare for working on the senior project?

A student in the Physics Honors program will typically complete H221-H222, P301, P309, P321, P331-P332, P340, P441, P453 and at least one 400-level laboratory course by the end of their junior year, plus the Mathematics courses S211-S212, M301, M311 and M343.

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