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Hutton Honors College

 — Indiana University

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know I have been invited to join the Hutton Honors College?

If you are invited to the HHC, you will receive our official HHC invitation packet in the mail a few weeks after you have been formally admitted to IUB. To say "YES" to the HHC, you must first say "YES" to IUB no later than May 1 by paying your deposit. Once you have committed to IUB, you will be instructed to register for New Student Orientation. A prompt will appear asking you if you accept or decline your invitation to the HHC.

How do I apply for Hutton Honors College scholarships?

All invited HHC students who submit a complete application for admission to IUB by November 1 will be eligible to complete the Selective Scholarship Application (SSA). Instructions for completing the SSA will be sent through email and in the admissions packet. Click here for additional information.

What does it mean to be a Hutton Honors College student?

As an HHC student, you may enroll in stimulating, low-enrollment seminars and courses (usually no more than 22 students per class); choose to live in an Honors Residential Community; participate in our extracurricular events where you will meet and interact with distinguished visitors to campus; participate in HHC-exclusive community engagement and volunteer opportunities; and apply for grants for research, internships, creative activities, and international experiences. Be sure to read our view book here to learn more about the additional exciting opportunities we provide.

What will be expected of me as a Hutton Honors College member?

In order to be a Hutton Honors College member in good standing, an HHC member must:

  • Maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.30;
  • Complete at least two honors courses, totaling a minimum of 6 credit hours, by the end of the 6th semester;
  • All HHC students are expected to be civil, honest, and accountable citizens of Indiana University--befitting the appellation "honors". All HHC students must abide by Indiana University's Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct. The code and its provisions are found at
  • HHC scholarship recipients will be expected to maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.40 for HHC scholarship renewal.
  • HHC scholarship recipients will be expected to complete 3 honors courses within the first four semesters for HHC scholarship renewal.
If I choose to accept the invitation to the Hutton Honors College, must I take all honors courses?

No. Most HHC freshmen take no more than one honors course per semester, while also enrolling in the vast selection of non-honors courses offered to all undergraduates. After your first year, when you are more familiar with how honors courses are structured, you may want to take more.

I've completed my online Selective Scholarship Application. How soon will I be notified with a decision regarding a possible Hutton Honors College Scholarship?

Your scholarship application, as well as those of hundreds of other applicants, will be carefully evaluated by our Scholarship Review Committee and our Assistant Dean. Award letters and denials will be mailed beginning March 1st.

Am I required to live in an Honors Residential Community?

No, there is no requirement as to where an HHC student must live. Many of our students enjoy living in the HRCs, but we also recommend the thematic communities such as the Collins Living Learning Center, the Foster International Living Learning Center, the Global Village, or various other Learning Communities here on campus.

As well as being invited into the Hutton Honors College, I've been invited into the Kelley School of Business Direct Admit Program, or one of the other Direct Admit Programs offered by IUB. Am I allowed to participate in both the Hutton Honors College as well as a Direct Admit Program?

Absolutely yes! Many of our students take advantage of everything the Hutton Honors College and the Direct Admit Programs offer.

Does it cost more to be in the Hutton Honors College or to take honors courses?

Membership in the Hutton Honors College will cost $8.00 per year. Also, if you choose to live in an Honors Residential Community, there is an extra $50 activity fee charged per semester.

I am concerned that taking honors courses might overburden me academically, or might negatively impact my GPA. Why should I accept the challenge of taking honors courses if the coursework is too burdensome or too hard?

Remember, most of our freshmen take only one interdisciplinary HHC or departmental honors course each semester, along with their regular non-honors courses. We have found that honors courses do not negatively impact our students' GPAs. The experience is challenging, but it is also intensely rewarding and fun. You will get to know your fellow students in a supportive, small-class environment as you learn from one another under the guidance of an outstanding faculty member. Also, to get the attention of graduate schools and employers, it can be helpful to have honors-level coursework indicated on your transcript.

Please keep in mind that, as an HHC student, you may choose to earn a General Honors Notation which will appear on your diploma and official IU transcript. This involves completing 21 credit hours of HHC course work, and maintaining a minimum cumulative 3.40 GPA in your notation courses and an overall minimum cumulative GPA of 3.40 at graduation.

Are there certain deadlines I should keep in mind?

Yes! To be eligible for an invitation to the Hutton Honors College and to apply for the Hutton Honors College Scholarship, your complete application must be submitted for admission to IUB by November 1. We don't want you to miss out on these wonderful opportunities!

Another important date is May 1 - the date by which you must inform us that you are accepting our Honors invitation. Also, if you have been offered a Hutton Honors College Scholarship, this is the date when you must tell us if you are accepting (or declining) our offer.

And remember: all applicants who want to be guaranteed HHC scholarship consideration, should submit a completed Selective Scholarship Application, including letters of recommendation, as early as possible.