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What's it like there?

Are you thinking of international educational travel, but are not sure where you want to go? Then check out these blogs from HIEP awardees! These articles and blogs inspire you to consider educational travel to their international destinations. You may also want to consider these travel tips from the NY Times and view this video testamonial.

HIEP awardees: If you have a blog, vlog, publication, YouTube video, article, photo gallery, etc. related to your trip abroad, please let us post your link! Just send an e-mail to with the link, a short description of what it is about, and your name.

Note: These links are only listed on this site for informative purposes. Any Web site external to Indiana University is not affiliated with the Hutton Honors College and/or HIEP, and any information contained in their sites may or may not be in agreement with the policies of IU or the Hutton Honors College. Anything deemed offensive, for profits sake, or otherwise not suited will be removed. All map images on this page are used with the permission of the CIA World Factbook Web site.


  • Deanna's stories about Kenya here.
  • Arielle's project in Morocco here and here.
  • Andrea's stories about Kenya here.
  • Destiny in South Africa here.
  • Kimberly in Senegal here.
  • Elizabeth in Kenya here.
  • Lauren in Tanzania here.
  • Therese in Ghana here.
  • Tina in Ghana here.
  • Rachel in Ghana here.
  • Kelly in Senegal here.
  • Carolyn in Madagascar & Zimbabwe here.
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    The Americas

  • Sarah in Peru here.
  • Julia's video summary of Argentina in Spanish here.
  • Erin in Brazil here.
  • Hana's journey through Latin America here.
  • Peter in Chile here.
  • Kourtney in Peru here.
  • Mary in Dominican Republic here.
  • Allyson in Dominican Republic here.
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  • Allie's videos about Thailand here and here and here.
  • Taylor in China here.
  • Lindsey in Japan here.
  • Patrick's video of Japan here.
  • Mary Jane in China here.
  • Eric in Hong Kong here.
  • Drew in China here.
  • Harlene's video about China, Hong Kong, Macao, and Thailand here.
  • Hillary's China blog and pictures.
  • Mary's stories reported from India here and here.
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  • Europe

  • Gillian in England here.
  • Erica in Spain here.
  • Stephanie in England here.
  • Emily in Norway here and her blog about Denmark here.
  • Benjamin in England here.
  • Theresa in Spain here.
  • Sierra in England here.
  • Devon in England here.
  • Dolly in Italy here.
  • Taylor in Italy here.
  • Kaitlin in Norway here.
  • Hillary in Ireland here.
  • Stephanie in Paris here.
  • Alexandra in London here.
  • Kasi in the Czech Republic here.
  • Katherine in Greece here.
  • Sara in Spain here.
  • Nicole in Ireland here.
  • Amy in Britain here.
  • Katelyn in Spain here.
  • Brenden in Spain here.
  • Samantha in Italy here.
  • Michelle in Paris here.
  • Katrina in Paris here.
  • Jenna in Paris here.
  • Kristin in Denmark here.
  • Ashley in Italy here.
  • James in Austria here.
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    Oceania (Australia, New Zealand, & the Pacific Islands)

  • Mike in New Zealand here.
  • Madeline in Australia here.
  • Courtney in New Zealand here.
  • Nicole's blog about Australia here and her publication here.
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    The Middle East

  • Amanda in Israel here.
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