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Return Requirements for HIEP Awardees

All HIEP Awardees are required to submit an essay and a photo after their time abroad. The essays and photos are used on our Web site and in other media to promote the Hutton International Experiences Program.

Return Essay & Photo Due Dates
Graduating Seniors before graduation
Winter Break Awards 11:59PM February 15
Fall Awards 11:59PM March 15
Spring Break Awards 11:59PM April 01
Spring Awards 11:59PM July 15
Summer Awards 11:59PM August 15
Academic Year Awards 11:59PM September 15

Essay Guidelines:
In 750-1000 words, discuss an experience or experiences you had while abroad. Your essay should be based upon your reflections of what you have seen and learned while abroad. Please write something original and interesting! We are open to new ideas and different genres as long as the work is well-considered and well-written. For some ideas and inspiration take a look at some sample essays. Compose your essay in Word format (.doc or .docx) and send it via e-mail as an attachment to

Photo Guidelines:
Submit one photograph in JPEG format (.jpg) of yourself taken during your trip at a landmark preferably in IU gear (IU shirts, hats, etc), or with friends you are traveling with or whom you've met during your travels, or of you with your host family, or of anything discussed in your essay. Please re-name your photo(s) with a descriptive yet brief caption!(ie. instead of the default "IMG_012345" rename it to something descriptive like "enjoying a cup of hot chocolate at the South Pole, Antarctica").* Send your picture in JPEG format (.jpg) via e-mail as an attachment to You may also embed your photo within your essay if you wish, but be sure to send a JPEG version of it as well.
*note: to re-name your photo: 1) click on your photo icon once to highlight it; 2) press the F2 key; 3) start typing*
(for Mac users: click and drag over the default name of your photo, then start typing)

If you kept a blog, made a YouTube video, filmed a documentary, etc. about your time abroad, send us your link and we will post it on our website under the Awardee Blogs & Articles section!

Student Photo Gallery

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"Sunrise at the Golden Temple, Amritsar, India" by M. Dittman
"Sunrise at the Golden Temple, Amritsar, India" by M. Dittman
"Into the Sahara on Camel" by M. Troyer
"One More Glimpse of Her" by J. Frank
"Bridge to Nature" by C. Ma
"Playa Michigan" by H. Ros
Kelley at the volcanic crater in Quilotoa, Ecuador
Mountaineering in New Zealand
Gina at the Great Wall of China
Some Happy Folk atop a Mt. in Guatemala
Iguazu Falls, Brazil
Katherine at Kronborg Castle, Denmark
Whitney relaxes and watches the sun set in Cinque Terre, Italy
The Pushkin Palace, Russia
Visiting the Taj Mahal, India