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Hutton Honors College

 — Indiana University

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HIEP Grant Application Deadlines
for Summer trips Friday before Spring Break
for Fall Semester Friday before Spring Break
for Academic Year Friday before Spring Break
for Spring Semester Last Friday in October
for Winter Break trips Last Friday in October
for Spring Break trips Last Friday in October

Application Instructions

All applicants will submit their materials through the HIEP online application system. In order to apply for the HIEP Grant, you will need the following information and materials:

  1. Program Information, including program administrator, location, dates of travel, budget, etc.

  2. Notification of Program Acceptance

    • Letter/email indicating you have been officially accepted into your study abroad program.
    • If you have not yet been admitted to your program, temporary proof of program acceptance should be submitted before the HIEP Grant application deadline, such as:
      1. a letter/email indicating that you have applied for a study abroad program;
      2. a screenshot of the first page of your study abroad program application;
      3. a statement indicating your intent to apply for a study abroad program.
      Once you are officially accepted into your study abroad program, you must submit your official notification of acceptance to .

  3. Short Essay

    • In 400-500 words, please answer the following:
      1. How will your proposed international experience contribute to your academic growth?
      2. Your professional growth?
      3. Your personal growth?
    • You may first type your essay in Word, and then paste it into the application form.

  4. Username for your IU faculty recommender

    • Once you submit your online application, your faculty recommender will have access to the recommendation portal. They will also receive an email with instructions on how to upload their letter.
    • Your recommender should be prepared to discuss:
      1. how long, how well, and it what context they know you;
      2. the plans and budget estimates for your proposed international experience;
      3. how your proposed plans will contribute to your academic, professional, and personal growth;
      4. your intellectual and personal maturity for successful participation in any independent aspects of your plans;
      5. the single most compelling reason for the HHC to award you funding.
    • Your recommendation letter must come from a Faculty member as defined by Indiana University. Letters from non-faculty are not accepted. Please verify your recommender's status with the IU address book. It must say "Faculty" under "Affiliation."

  5. Additional Program Verification Documents (Independent Programs Only)

NOTE: All applicants participating in a non-IU program must submit a signed HIEP Travel Release Form to the Hutton Honors College by the application deadline.

HIEP award letters
Award notices are sent via e-mail about six weeks after the HIEP deadline. If you receive an award notice from HIEP, you must complete the following to finalize your award:

  1. If you have federal financial aid...
    Please note: If you are packaged with need-based federal financial aid (for example, Stafford loans, Pell Promise grants, 21st Century Scholars Covenant Award),and you receive one of the Hutton Honors College's grants, awards, scholarships, or prizes, your award from the Hutton Honors College may not be paid-out in the form of cash funds (i.e., as money paid into your Bursar account), but instead, may be used by IU's Office of Student Financial Assistance (OSFA) to reduce your student loan burden or other aid. If your federal financial aid is sufficiently large, i.e., is close to or already meets your cost of attendance at Indiana University, you must contact Student Central (e-mail: ) to learn how your HIEP funding may impact your aid and to determine whether your cost of attendance budget can be adjusted accordingly. Also, please refer to Student Central for information regarding study abroad and financial aid.

  2. HIEP Disbursement Information and Award Requirements Form:
    This form must be signed and submitted at the awards meeting in order for scholarship money to be disbursed to award recipients. Late forms are not accepted and awards will be cancelled if this form is not on file.

  3. Awards Meeting:
    Attend a mandatory awards meeting for all HIEP award recipients. The date, time, and place of the meeting will be listed on the award letter.

  4. Named Scholarship Awardees:
    Recipients of the named scholarship awards may be asked to provide further information or to meet with donors to our program. Details will be provided in the award notification letter, if applicable.

  5. Learn about Post Travel Requirements:
    Every HIEP award recipient is required to submit an essay and at least one photo after their travel abroad. Please visit our Essay and Photos page for specific details and sample essays and photos.

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