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Hutton Honors College

 — Indiana University

Essays from HIEP Recipients

Every recipient of the Edward L. Hutton International Experiences Grant is asked to reflect on their time overseas in a personal essay or other creative/educational composition. What follows are only a few of these phenomenal stories.

From 2006-07

Sharon Wens learned about the culture of the Parisian during her summer in Paris, France.
Frank Ballard took some time off school during his spring semester to work an animal preserve in Bolivia.
Jonathan Hines realizes children can make any environment beautiful during a trip taken during his time studying in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Liz Rice finds a kindred spirit in her host-mother while studying in Santiago, Chile.
Alex Hale describes his experience of sailing for the first time while visiting Portugal.
Ben Loehrke gives us a glimpse into his life while studying in Perth, Australia.
Daniel Florek writes about some of what he discovered while studying in St. Petersburg, Russia.

From 2005-06

Katie Crank describes the ins-and-outs of daily travel during her academic year in Ghana.
Nihn Huang finds himself after getting lost while jogging in London, Britain.
Vidhi Sanghavi travelled to Bangalore, India in summer 2006.
Kristen Totten discovers there is more to Germany than Castles and beer during her semester in Freiburg, Germany.
Andrea Webster recounts meeting her host family in Aix-en-Provence, France and climbing to the top of a local mountain.

From 2004-05

Julie Newman spent the spring semester student teaching at the Millais girls school in Horsham,West Sussex, England.

From 2003-04

Laura Ertmer spent the academic year working and sudying in Lima, Peru.
Peregrine Bosler studied the Beatles in London, England
Phil Hart participated in a tour led by Prof. Larry Richter through Russia .

From 2001-02

Coraline Haitjema spent the fall 2001 semester in Adelaide, Australia.
Ann Roth studied in Swansea, Wales during fall 2001.
Christian Larson spent the academic year 2001-2002 in Aix-en-Provence, France.
Cassandra Stekly studied in Paris in spring 2002.
Misha Taber journeyed to Honduras in spring 2002.
Kyra Busch spent the summer 2002 in Burkina Faso.
Cindy McNair journeyed to Greece in summer 2002.
Sonia Santana studied in Ghana in summer 2002.
Katarzyna Mastalerz studied in Spain in fall 2001.

From 2000-01

Pat Spencer studied in China for the Academic Year
Joanna Lin Want spent a spring semester in France.
Vincent Carr took a 6 week trip to Cuernavaca, Mexico
Dionissi Aliprantis spent the summer of his sophomore year traveling in Greece.
Jeremy Brown studied in France in spring 2001.
Joshua Samis studied in London in spring 2001.
Laura Andersen studied in Dublin in summer 2001.
Andrea Meyer studied in Mexico during Summer 2001
Ashleigh Crabtree studied in France during summer 2001
Kunal Desai studied in Kenya during summer 2001
Kristine Donnelly studied in Italy during summer 2001
Alfredo Durazzo studied in Uganda during summer 2001
Lynn Farrell studied in Spain during summer 2001
Laura Gonzales studied in Greece during summer 2001
Justin Hoffman studied in Austria during summer 2001
Matthew Neff studied throughout Europe during summer 2001
Jamie Ponce studied in Israel during summer 2001
Raju Raval studied in India during summer 2001
Douglas Schaaf studied in England during summer 2001
Kari Tow studied in Switzerland during summer 2001