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Hutton Honors College

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Selected students receive fully-funded training in a program which is accelerated, international, collaborative, and multi-disciplinary in nature. Students are provided with access to the most extensive network of biomedical research labs and technological resources in the world.

The NIH/Oxford/Cambridge Scholars Program selects extraordinarily talented students who are dedicated to pursuing careers in biomedical research and who are ready to choose a research project during the 1st summer of their enrollment in the program.

Those in the NIH/Oxford/Cambridge Scholars Program are from many backgrounds. Aside from the usual undergraduate biomedical studies, there are Scholars with engineering, physics, math, computer science and other majors. NIH/Oxford/Cambridge Scholars come from large and small colleges and universities across America. Among the ranks of current NIH/Oxford/Cambridge Scholars are those who also hold the distinction of being Rhodes, Marshall, Churchill, Fulbright, Gates, Goldwater, and Howard Hughes Scholars.

We look forward to the applications of your most outstanding students interested in PhD and MD/PhD training in biomedical research.

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The NIH/Oxford/Cambridge Scholars Program

Scholarships for Students Seeking PhD and MD/PhD Training in Biomedical Research

An opportunity for exceptional students to train at the cutting edge of biomedical science

  • Fully Funded Tuition, stipend, travel, health insurance & MORE!
  • World Class Faculty and Research Facilities PhD--training typically 2 years at the National Institutes of Health and 2 years at Oxford University or Cambridge University MD-- training at top US medical schools through the Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP)
  • Accelerated Degrees PhDs in as few as 3-4 years Lab-based training; No required coursework or rotations
  • International Collaborations Each student designs and leads a scientific collaboration jointly conducted by NIH and Oxford University or Cambridge University labs
  • Multi-disciplinary Approaches Access resources from across scientific disciplines and around the world in pursuit of discoveries leading to treatments, cures and prevention of disease

Application Deadline: December 3, 2013

Students may apply to both the NIH-University of Oxford Program (in Health Sciences) AND the NIH-University of Cambridge Program (in Biomedical Sciences)

NIH-Oxford Biomedical Research Scholars
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Prospective Students--Cambridge
Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) on the NIH Campus