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Hutton Honors College

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The Hutton Honors College (HHC) is the proud home of the Edward L. Hutton International Experiences Program (HIEP), which is a scholarship & grant program for high-achieving IU-Bloomington undergraduate students seeking funding to go abroad for an academic reason. HIEP is here to help you in your endeavors abroad. There are many ways you can experience new horizons during your undergraduate career at IU Bloomington. One of the most rewarding and challenging is foreign study. Experience the ways of other peoples and the sights and tastes of other cultures! An international experience can be shaped in many ways, and HIEP can help you with:
Application Deadlines
for Summer trips Friday before Spring Break
for Fall Semester & Academic Year Friday before Spring Break
for Spring Semester Last Friday in October
for Winter Break & Spring Break trips Last Friday in October
  • Study Abroad
  • Overseas Research
  • International Internships
  • Student Teaching in Another Country
  • Volunteer Service Abroad
  • Other Academic Interests Abroad

HIEP funding is open to any full-time undergraduate student at IU Bloomington and is made on a competitive basis. In general, any IU-Bloomington undergraduate student with a cumulative GPA of 3.40 or major GPA of 3.70 may apply. There is a preference for Hutton Honors College students and Hudson & Holland Scholars, and for students going abroad for a semester or a year.

About HIEP...

HIEP's primary goal is to provide funding for high-achieving students seeking educational opportunities abroad. All HIEP funding is made to individual students on the basis of merit, with award amounts ranging from $500 to $3,300 (based on GPA, essay, strength of recommendation, and duration of overseas program). In every case, student proposals must satisfy university standards and must include IU faculty endorsement.

We also seek to inform students about the benefits of an international experience and about specific program opportunities abroad. If you are looking for information on an experience right for you, visit our and our Blogs page for stories and information from past and current students. Please note that we do not sponsor any specific overseas programs, projects, or internships.

In addition to offering funding support to students going abroad, one of our major objectives is to encourage past HIEP awardees to serve as ambassadors for study abroad to help IUB undergraduates gain broader international perspectives. For most questions about study abroad, the ideal source of information is other students who have recently been through the experience. For this reason, we keep a library of student essays at the Hutton Honors College, as well as an on-line collection of student blogs and photos submitted by HIEP awardees.


Winter Break 2015-16, Spring Semester 2016, and Spring Break 2016 Awardees
Congratulations to all our awardees!

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View the HIEP Annual Report to find out more about our program.