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Hutton Honors College

 — Indiana University

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HHC Research Grants

Up to $1500 Fall or Spring
Up to $3000 Summer

The major goal of the research grant program is the encouragement of intellectual independence on the part of the student. A related purpose is to provide an opportunity for the development of specific research skills and techniques. Serious research proposals are expected, not proposals of a frivolous or hobby nature. Students with the same research goals can collaborate on a research project requiring diverse talents and cross-disciplinary resources. Each participant should submit a separate application indicating what the group project is as well as a preference for a group grant. Project costs that normally will not be funded include tuition, the ordinary expenses for typing honors theses and reports, the purchase of printed materials clearly available in the library or through inter-library loan, and the purchase of expensive equipment for research needs. Acceptable budget items include necessary travel costs, living expenses (summer grants only), and project-specific research materials and expenses.

Students engaged in research related to Honors theses or projects will receive priority in the awarding of research grants. Students attending IU overseas programs may apply for these grants only if they wish to pursue research projects independent of the respective overseas program.

Recipients of large summer research grants may be required to participate in a lecture series the following fall.

To apply for a Research Grant, obtain an application here.

Please Note: All applicants must attach an unofficial IUB transcript to this application.

All applicants who are leaving Bloomington for their activities must also complete and attach either a domestic or foreign travel waiver to their application.

NOTE: If you filed the FAFSA and are receiving financial aid (for example: Direct Loans, Pell Promise Grants, 21st Century Scholars Covenant), and you receive one of the Hutton Honors College's grants for scholarships, your award from the Hutton Honors College may not be paid-out in the form of cash funds (i.e., as money paid into your Bursar account), but instead, may be used by IU's Office of Student Financial Assistance (OSFA) to reduce your student/parent loan burden or reduce your federal/state grant by the amount awarded to you by the HHC. To learn how your HHC award may impact your financial aid, please contact OSFA at


Summer Grants - 5 p.m. Last Friday before Spring Break
Fall & Full Year Grants - 5 p.m. Friday after Spring Break
Spring Grants - 5 p.m. Last Friday in October.

Awards will be announced approximately six weeks after the deadline.

*Don't forget to read the General Eligibility Requirements.