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Hutton Honors College

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Autism Mentoring Program

This project was created by Alexander Murphy-Nakhnikian in 2003 while he was a freshman and an Honors College student. Since its inception this program has grown into a partnership between the Hutton Honors College, the Bloomington Chapter of the Autism Society, Monroe County Community School Corporation and the families of the young people being mentored.

Financial support has been generously provided by a Metz grant and in-kind support by the Hutton Honors College.

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Program Description

The mission of the Autism Mentoring Program (AMP) is to provide "buddies" for children on the autism spectrum who are in kindergarten through eighth grade. The current program brings together IU and Hutton Honors College student mentors and children with autism from selected Monroe County Community School Corporation classrooms and other designated local community service agencies. In some instances, there may be opportunities for one-on-one mentoring depending on the mentor-mentee relationship and the families involved.

The primary goal of the program is to help children with autism develop friendships and practice social skills through communication with a caring and dedicated mentor.

A secondary program goal is to spread awareness of autism and foster education through other community activities and involvement.


We are looking for motivated students who have a sincere interest in serving their community and who enjoy working with children. Ideally, mentors will commit to one calendar year to provide continuity for the young people being mentored and to maintain the integrity of the program.

Prior experience with autism or special needs young people is not required, but an advantage. Having your own transportation is a definite advantage, but not a core requirement.

Students interested in becoming mentors should apply by sending an email to the AMP Intern Advisor at

Information for Local Parents

Thank you for your interest in the AMP for your child. For accountability and safety purposes the number of one-on-one matches we are able to accommodate is small. Please contact the Program Advisor for more information at If new enrollments are being received, an enrollment form and information about the match process will be sent to you.


Address any questions to the Autism Mentoring Program Intern or Program Advisor by sending an email to

2015-16 Intern

Alexandria Matisko