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Hutton Honors College

 — Indiana University

Meadowood Project

Elderly Pals offers you a way to brighten someone's day in a simple way that does not require a lot of work or energy and is a great way to become connected to some of the eldlery residents of our community.

This project connects you to a retired IU professor or other resident at Meadowood Retirement Community like a "pen pal" in the Fall semester. If the resident is interested in further participation, your involvement could be extended into the Spring semester also.

Fall Semester
You will be assigned to one Meadowood Resident during the Fall Semester. At a minimum you are asked to write a "Seasons Greetings" card to that resident toward the end of the Fall semester.

Spring Semester
If your assigned Meadowood Resident is interested in further participation in this program, your contact with them could be extended into an on-going connection. You could send a birthday card, write letters as a pen pal, or even visit if the resident is interested in you doing so.

Sign Up: If you want to brighten someone's day register for this project by emailing the CSP Interns at

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