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"Community Partners in Reading" (CPR)

"The best hour of my week, hands down!" -CPR Partner

Community Partners in Reading is a program run by the Monroe County Community School Corporation, designed to help struggling 2nd graders reach their reading potential before the 3rd grade. Research tells us that students who cannot read at grade level by the 3rd grade continue to fall behind and never reach their academic potential. CPR was designed to help these students, who we believe will benefit from extra reading instruction and personal attention.

CPR was developed by the literacy specialists in the Monroe County Community School Corporation and provides each student with individual reading instruction 4 days/week. Each child is paired with a community partner who works with them on a reading lesson planned by a reading specialist. During the course of the thirty minutes that a child works with their partner, they will read a leveled book, work on a vocabulary exercise and play a comprehension game.

Commitment Level Required

Community Reading Partners need to commit 75 minutes a week (one morning per week or every other week if you partner with another person) at a local elementary school. During this time, the partner follows a mini-instructional lesson provided by the CPR coordinator and reads with two students (30 minutes with each). Partners can choose to read with students Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

A contract must be signed stating your allegiance to these students and the reading program, which means scheduling other activities, classes, events, etc around this time.

Application and Training

All CPR partners participate in an initial training providing you with the skills and strategies needed to create a meaningful partnership. This training occurs the week before program implementation and lasts for a 75 minute period.

Applications and more information are available from Catherine Diersing, Director of Literacy Services. Call 349-4761.

You can also get involved by emailing the CSP Intern at

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