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Hutton Honors College

 — Indiana University

Get Recognition for Your Service

More employers and graduate programs are seeking evidence of involvement beyond the classroom. The CSP offers you the opportunity to add value to your Resume by giving you experience in leadership and community service in a wide range of situations.

To log your volunteer hours, download and fill in this Community Service Activity Sheet.
See the black side box for other details

  • For students who started at IU Fall 2005 or later:
  • You community service is not able to count towards your General Honors Notation (see details here).

    However upon request during the semester in which you will graduate the Hutton Honors College will issue you a formal "Certificate of Recognition" documenting the level of volunteer contribution you have given, as recorded on the your CSP Database file.
    These hours do not have to be undertaken locally but must still serve a primarily welfare/social need and be off-campus.

    To request this "Certificate of Recognition", email the CSP Interns asking them to prepare your certificate one month prior to your graduation.

  • For students who started at IU before Fall 2005:
  • Your community service involvement can count towards your General Honors Notation. Click here to read about the details.

    This involvement must be off campus and assist the Bloomington Community meet some welfare/social need within Monroe County (ie: not for IU students or promoting a political/religious cause). If the event is purely fundraising, check with the CSP Interns before assuming it will count.

    Failure to meet these limitations or check with CSP staff could disquality those hours.

    Checking Your CSP Database Record

    Please go to the
    CSP Interactive Page
    to check the official record of your volunteer hours.

    Find your record by entering the last 5 digits of your IU Student number.

    Questions, comments or corrections relating to your community service can be directed to the CSP Interns or email Lisa Bluder, Coordinator of Student Programs.

    Log your Volunteer Hours

    To get the
    Certificate of Recognition
    for your volunteer hours, you need to have your hours recorded on the CSP database.
    It is important that you submit a completed "Community Service Activity Sheet" at the end of the semester in which you volunteered those hours to the receptionist at the
    Hutton Honors College.

    These forms are available as a PDF file on this page, or from our Receptionist.

    Return completed forms to the Hutton Honors College,
    811 E. Seventh Street.

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