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Beginning in 1998-99, volunteer community service associated with a local, Bloomington area service agency approved by the Honors College was able to count toward the General Honors Notation. Honors College students could earn up to maximum of 3 credits for the Notation through accumulating 90 hours of documented community service performed during the semesters while a student at IUB.

This option is being phazed out and is no longer available to new students starting their studies at IU in Fall 2005 or later

New students are able to work towards a formal Certificate of Recognition issued by the Hutton Honors College upon application just prior to graduation. This certificate will attest to the level of volunteer service as reported on the CSP Volunteer Data-Base, viewable through the "Interactive Pages" link (see inset box on the right).

In addition to volunteer activities sponsored by HHC's Community Service Program, you may choose to work on a regular basis with a local service agency or to volunteer for a series of short-term projects. We encourage you to make an appointment with HHC's Community Service Coordinators to learn more about eligible community service opportunities.

To document your volunteer service either to count toward the Notation or for Recognition Certificates, you MUST complete a Community Service Activity Sheet which is available at the Honors Advising Office, 326 N. Jordan. This form MUST be signed by an official of the local service agency who has direct knowledge of your work, and returned to the HHC Community Service Program for verification. All documentation for service performed during a semester MUST be submitted by the last day of final exams for that term.

NOTE: Your community service experience will not count as formal college credit and will not appear on your IU transcript.

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Your community service volunteer hours can count towards credit for your General Honors Notation.

Be sure to pick up the correct paperwork from the Honors College Advising House, have your supervisor authorize your hours, and submit your paperwork to the CSP before the end of the semester.

Check out your volunteer hours on the CSP's Interactive Information Pages.

It's as simple as that.