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Hutton Honors College

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Q & A

Q: What does the Honors College Community Service Program do?

A: The HC Community Service Program (CSP) coordinates volunteer opportunitiesfor Honors College students with local Bloomington/Monroe County service agencies. The CSP facilitates two types of service; one-time group volunteer activities and ongoing individual volunteer service. One-time group volunteer activities occur throughout the semester and entail a group of 10-25 HC students getting together (usually on a Saturday) to assist with a service project (for 2-3 hours). Ongoing individual volunteer opportunities are facilitated by the student, using the CSP as a resource. The CSP provides Web site links to local service agencies and volunteer coordinators to assist with locating a volunteer opportunity that is best for you.

Q: Can I get credit for my volunteer work?

Students starting at IU before Fall 2005 are able to earn up to the equivalent of three (3) credits toward the Notation, one credit for every thirty (30) hours of documented community service performed during the academic year at a local, Bloomington area service agency approved by the HHC. Please note that this credit will not appear on your official IU transcript (i.e. no "credit hours" towards graduation). Students who started at IUB Fall 2005 or after will be awarded a certificate detailing their volunteer service prior to raduation.

Q: How do I go about counting my volunteer service towards the general honors notation?

A: To document your volunteer service, you MUST complete a volunteer hours documentation form which is available at the Hutton Honors College, 811 E. Seventh Street. This form MUST be signed by an official of the local service agency who has direct knowledge of your work, and then returned to the HC Community Service Program for verification. All documentation for service performed during a semester MUST be submitted by the last day of final exams for that term.

Q: I recently volunteered with a student group tutoring IU students. Does this count towards the notation?

A: In general, any service performed that benefits the IU student community will not be included. The aim of the CSP is to serve the local communities - NOT Indiana University and its students. If you volunteer with a local elementary school and tutor students, this will be included. If you are unclear if we will permit you to include a particular service opportunity, please consult a CSP volunteer coordinator ( or 855-5280) prior to engaging in the service.

Q:How do I know what volunteer activity the HC is sponsoring this month?

A: The CSP maintains an e-mailing list that is generated at the beginning of each school year that includes the names of all students that expressed an interest in community service and signed up during orientation. This list and previous year's lists are emailed all upcoming volunteer service invitations. If you would like to be added to this list, email and specify your volunteer interests.

Q: How do I check on the number of hours that I have accrued?

A: Check out the CSP's Interactive Information Pages.

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