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Hutton Honors College

 — Indiana University

There are three levels of involvement: casual, on-going, or individual.


Group Project Join other Honors College students for a "one-off" service event. For details of the next "volunteer event" click here.

HHC Community Initiative Project Lend a hand once or often to a community project we have adopted for the year. To sign up or learn about this year's community project click here. Feel free to suggest future projects.


Mentoring There are several opportunities to mentor a young person in the local community. Check the details here.

Reading Buddies Get matched with a 2nd grade child in a local School to improve their reading. Learn more and sign up here.

Elderly Pals Let a senior resident know they are remembered on their birthday or other special occasion. Join this project here.


Individual Project Meet with one of the CSP Interns to discuss your interests and match them with current volunteer needs in the local community. Email them by clicking here to set up a time.

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